Which Caribbean country with a citizenship or residency program is the safest?

Published at: 04/08/2022 11:30 am

Which Caribbean country with a citizenship or residency program is the safest?

Which Caribbean island is the safest?


The safest Caribbean island in 2022 is Bonaire, Montserrat, St. Barts, Martinique, Anguilla, or perhaps the Cayman Islands. Tough to compare countries with meagre crime rates. It's not a coincidence that these islands attract mainly the wealthy, and there is no place for poor thieves. Note that the Caribbean archipelago encompasses more than 700 islands, reefs, and cays. Meanwhile, the region counts 13 sovereign island nations and 12 dependent territories with close ties to the EU and the United States.


The overall crime rate is hardly comparable between Caribbean nations, but there is a traditional way of deciding which is the safest place; for example, homicide rates comparison can help. 

Sadly, 40 of the 50 most dangerous cities are in Latin America and the Caribbeans.


Looking for the safest citizenship


A safe location is a crucial issue when you are in the process of choosing the best citizenship. Don't let your tropical paradise turn into tropical hell. Most applicants for the different citizenship by investment programs do not move to their new home country. Merely, they are securing a safe haven and obtaining the freedom of travel or taxation. However, in the post-Covid and war times, we already experienced that obtaining a Caribbean passport became the objective as well of the investors.

Interestingly, now an average kitchen (/m2) in Germany is more expensive than a well-chosen Caribbean settlement structure. So, the gateway is available not only for the wealthiest. Obtaining second or multiple citizenships in the Caribbean has become affordable compared to the increasing cost of life globally.


And how safe are the Caribbean island nations with citizenship or residency by investment programs? 


Aguilla and the Cayman Islands are among the safest but tiny Caribbean countries, practically without crime but with residency programs. These are small and beautiful islands with a low population. Anguilla is also expensive, with higher living expenses than other Caribbean nations. In the Cayman Islands, the violent crime rate is almost non-existing because of the lack of firearms. 


Luckily, the Caribbean island nations with citizenship by investment programs are safe. They are so tiny, with a low population. These small island nations usually belong to the ministates category, but their title officially is Caribbean "smallstates". So, on a small island, it's practically difficult to hide forever or create a big gang and threaten society. However, drug-related crime and thieves are everywhere, not only on the shores of the turquoise Caribbean Sea.


Which safe Caribbean island nations have citizenship by investment program?


Discus Holding Ltd's experts started to support applications for the Caribbean citizenships when those started, and we own all necessary licenses as agents or marketing agents. Our local official agent partners are the best law professionals and investment consultors. The twin-island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis launched the first official citizenship by investment program in 1984. Since then, five Caribbean countries have offered their citizenship in exchange for investment. 



These countries are flourishing, and thousands of tourists enjoy the highest quality of life achievable in the tropical island paradises. 


Which Caribbean country is the most violent?


All sources consider Jamaica as the most violent Caribbean country. 


Do you have questions regarding moving to a tropical island and enjoying living in a laidback environment? Do you need practical knowledge about the safety of your planned jurisdiction of residence? Ask us here, and we will answer.



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