Montenegro Citizenship by Investment in 2022

Published at: 09/02/2022 10:24 am

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment in 2022

You still have almost one year left to apply for citizenship by investment in Montenegro! The program ends in less than eleven months, and it's time to hurry!


Montenegro closes in 2022 its brilliant and successful citizenship by investment program. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the tiny nation will soon join the EU. The last European transparent and official citizenship by investment scheme would have closed from 1 January 2022. But it did not. The government extended the program's time frame to complete the project on the last day of 2021!


Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the only three official agents of the Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment Program. We still support your application if you do not hesitate and set up a consultation to proceed.


Why obtain your Montenegro citizenship in 2022?


Montenegro is a place where you can get a European passport in exchange for investment. The program aims to develop about 2800 new accommodation units, attract 450 million euros, and create 2,200 new jobs. As a Montenegrin passport holder, you can already travel and visit visa-free the Schengen zone, Russia, Turkey and many other nations before Montenegro joins the European Union during the next couple of years. Meanwhile, your family members can obtain citizenship with you under the same process. You and they do not have to live in Montenegro, and you have the right to dual or multiple citizenships. Another attractive issue is that only your income from Montenegro is taxed


How much does it cost to become a citizen of Montenegro before the end of 2022? Recent changes in the cost structure!


So, the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program keeps on working for almost one more year. But why? 


"There's been a considerable increase in applications for the program last year, proving that there is enough demand to bring the projects to completion", said Laszlo Kiss, Managing Director of Discus Holdings Ltd to


The investment options are among the most affordable in Europe and for citizenship and not a simple residence permit. There is a contribution (€100,000) to the regional development fund and two property investment options:

  • €250,000 in the northern part of Montenegro
  • €450,000 on the seaside and the capital.

A new element in the cost structure from 2022 is a contribution of an additional €100,000 to the state budget. 


You can read by clicking here the detailed guide of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program for 2022 with the updated knowledge.




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