Why shouldn't you hesitate to invest in citizenship in 2021?

Published at: 05/10/2021 10:42 am

Why shouldn't you hesitate to invest in citizenship in 2021?

Citizenship and residency by investment programs are changing fast. Trustable schemes end and new solutions are entering in force. If you wait longer than you should, don't be surprised that your tools are changing or vanishing!


What is the aim of the citizenship and residency by investment programs?


The countries always need fresh capital and added knowledge. They are offering passports or resident permits in exchange for investments. But don't forget, host countries change their citizenship and residency by investment programs to adapt to their current economic and political issues. 


Some jurisdictions need fast and liquid money. They ask for donations or investments in bonds. Other states wish to strengthen their real estate market; they are looking for investors in properties. And there are other countries where they need to improve the business life and the employment. These nations need active investors who leave their money there and help increase the capacity of the economy. 


CIP priorities are always changing!


The Covid-era showed that the aims and objectives of the sovereign nations could change quickly. National and international issues can modify the legal environment and limit the governments' rights. 


Another excellent example is the end of the Panamanian Friendly Nations Program. Many investors are asking for it, but the government does not need a straightforward process for applicants who wish to become residents, later citizens of Panama. The objective now is the immigration of wealthy investors who are ready to spend their money in the country.


Of course, we can't forget Montenegro! The citizenship by investment program of Montenegro is closing on the last day of the year 2021. If you wish to become a citizen of the EU member aspirant country you should act fast! Click here to read the detailed program information!


Moreover, Portugal's popular Golden Visa (ARI) Program will be upgraded from next year because the government needs to develop the rural territories instead of the capital, Porto and the seasides, which received the most of the investments until 2021. 


The Golden Age of citizenship and residency programs started after the global financial recession in 2008. Perhaps, the governments will launch new and even better schemes. But nobody can guarantee that. We know that the legal environment is changing fast, and if you want to have your guaranteed result, it's time to act now. 


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