Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program Video

Published at: 02/08/2021 01:50 pm

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program Video

Watch here the most detailed video about the Citizenship and Investment Program of Montenegro! All the details of the process, costs, timeframes and necessary documents to become a Montenegrin citizen from the official agent.


There is still time to start your application for the citizenship of Montenegro, as the program ends in 2021. 


Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the ONLY THREE government-approved official agents of the Montenegrin investors' immigration scheme! Click here to watch the video and get all the detailed information from the source! 


Laszlo Kiss, TEP, IMCM Managing Director of Discus Holdings reveals little-known Montenegrin passport scheme details. Based on his (and our colleagues') experience, he shares the practical information you can't find anywhere, for example, the shortlist of restricted countries. 


How many times you must visit and when before you become a citizen? What happens during the three months procedure time? This information you hardly can find elsewhere.




How long do you have to keep your investment during the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program?


One of the lesser-known issues of the Montenegrin citizenship by investment program is that you can sell your investment after the development of the touristic real estate is ready. It can be only two years, one of the fastest solutions of all citizenship by investment programs.


You will see and hear about the closure of the program as well. This background information can be interesting for not only the applicants but for the immigration professionals as well because direct inside information is rare in this industry. This video provides you with a peek behind the scenes as well. 


Daniel Hochbaum, Business Development Manager of Discus Holdings, introduces the advantages of the most popular investment projects. He gives you the necessary details, which enables you to decide where will you invest your money in exchange for the citizenship of Montenegro!


Follow Discus Holdings' Youtube Channel as our Citizenship Chronicles series introduces the best passport solutions for wealthy investors in detail!


Chapters of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program video:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background on Montenegro
  3. Advantages of Montenegrin citizenship
  4. Conditions to apply
  5. Restrictions
  6. Application procedure
  7. Taxation in Montenegro
  8. Living in Montenegro
  9. Closure of the program soon
  10. US visa possibility with Montenegro
  11. Real estate investment options in Montenegro
  12. Montis Hotel & Residences
  13. Condo Hotel Breza
  14. Amma Resort
  15. Which property investments qualify?
  16. Summary


Also, you can find here our written guide to the Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment Program.


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