Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program: project details 2020

Published at: 26/10/2020 12:00 pm

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program: project details 2020

Let's reveal all the details of the properties you can buy under the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program in 2020!

To find the Montenegro citizenship by investment program's official website, it's worth to note, that Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the only 3 official agents of the scheme.

Before Covid-19, Montenegro was one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Europe.

"2.6 million tourists visited Montenegro in 2019, we recorded 14.5 million overnight stays, and our foreign and domestic guests' revenue will amount to EUR 1.1 billion. Which gives us the right to say that this is the best tourist year in the history of Montenegro," said Prime Minister Duško Marković. 

Don't forget to compare the 2,6 million tourists with the local population of 622,000. In summary, it worth to invest in the tourism sector of Montenegro.

As the Cypriot government suspended it's EU passport scheme, the investors' eyes are on the Montenegrin citizenship solution. Montenegro is the single country with a citizenship program, which aims to join the EU soon (in 2025). It means that its travel document will allow not only to move freely in the Schengen zone. As Montenegrins already have the visa-free Schengen entrance. Moreover, as EU citizens, they will have the right to settle in any other EU member State as well.

Montenegro citizenship by investment fees

Note that the options of the property investment's cover different locations in Montenegro, with additional advantages. Under both options, you must contribute 100,000 euros. Then you can decide to chose the more affordable investment of 250,000 euros into government-approved real estate developments in the northern part of the country (mountains). Or you can opt for the investment of 450,000 euros into government-approved real-estate developments in the southern part of Montenegro (coast) or the capital city of Podgorica. You can read here all the detailed information on the naturalisation process of Montenegro! 

Before we introduce the qualifying investments locations, let's take a closer look at the destinations of the Montenegro citizenship by investment program in 2020. The lower amount of investment supports projects in the northern, mountainside of the country. Even the country's name means the "Black Hills" (Montenegro or Crna Gora). At the territory of almost 14,000 km2, the mountains cover around 80 per cent of Montenegro. And it's a well-known tourism destination for ski loving Europeans, and the long winter sports season extends through till March or even April!

Through the more expensive option, you can invest at the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro can be proud of its 294 km long coastline. The shore attracts visitors with one of the most beautiful and unique bays in the world, the Bay of Kotor, an enchanting Mediterranean town with several hundred years of history. We have to mention Budva, the metropolis of international tourism; the old Montenegrin royal capital Cetinje; and Lovcen Mountain, the guardian of local tradition, heritage and pride. Montenegro enjoys 240 sunny days per year and out of that 180 are warm enough to swim in the crystal clear Adriatic sea. As the cost of the holidays increased significantly in Croatia and Slovenia, Montenegro became the new favourite for not only the overseas tourists. Those charming beaches are welcoming the tourists from the next landlocked countries of Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland, as they can reach the shores even by car.

Hotel Breza, Kolasin - 5 stars

Hotel Breza Kolašin is an attractive 5-star hotel development located in the winter sports centre town of Kolašin. Picturesque lakes and mountains surround the luxury spa and hotel developments in one of Europe's most underrated skiing and mountain tourism destinations. The Hotel Breza, upon completion, will feature 188 luxury property units.

Price: 250,000 euros

Type: Hotel units (rooms from 25 to 50m2, selling model - first come first served basis)

Ownership type: 1/1 ownership

Rental pool agreement: Yes, compulsory

Usage of unit: 1 month /year

-15 days in the season (15the dec – 15 March, 15 June – 15 September)

-15 days out of season

Potential Profitability: 40% of gross rental revenues (minus repair and refurbishment costs: 1-4%)

Expenses: 50EUR/m2 of the unit yearly, deductible from gross rental revenues

Unit Owner Occupancy Period contribution: 0.10 euros per square meter per day

Owner departure cleaning fee: € 30.00 per service

Delivery Date: 31 September 2022

Minimum ownership: 5 years

Buy-back option: No

Pre-purchase rights of the seller: Yes 

Montis Hotel & Residencies, Kolasin - 5 stars

Montis Hotel & Residencies will be advertised by the already proven hotel management team who brought the first 5-star Hotel complex in Montenegro, the Hotel Splendid Budva to success. Its name will be Splendid Montis Hotel. A bank guarantee of €2,5 million makes this the most secured project among all.

Price: €250,000

Type: investment in hotel suits (suits from 30m2 to 45m2, selling model - first come first served basis)

Ownership type: 1/1 ownership

Rental pool agreement: Yes, compulsory

Usage of unit: 3 weeks per year + 1-week use of Hotel Splendid Budva 5 stars

Use of unit before the project is ready: 7 days in Hotel Splendid Budva 5 stars

Potential profitability: 40% of rental pool profit/year

Expenses: No regular maintenance fees, no taxes, no insurance, no payment for using the unit by the owner.

Reserve Fund: 10% of the owner's compensation.

Minimum ownership: 5 years

Pre-purchase rights of the seller: Yes

Buy-back: Optional after five years

Extra: Loyalty card to Splendid Hotels 

Westin Hotel, Kolasin - 4 stars

Kolašin Resort & Spa was the first approved hotel development under the Montenegro Citizenship By Investment Program. Upon termination, the project will have a total capacity of 380 beds and an estimated value of over 11 million euros.

Kolašin is a town located in northern Montenegro and is famous for skiing and mountain tourism. The city is located at the foot of the Sinjajevina and Bjelasica mountain ranges, offering exceptional skiing and easy access to the Biogradska Gora National Park.

Price: 250,000 euros

Type: Hotel

Ownership type: 1/240 (joint ownership)

Rental pool agreement: Yes, compulsory

Potential Profitability: 30 per cent profit distribution

Delivery Date: 1 November 2022

Minimum ownership: five years

Buy-back option: after five years the amount of 200k (not mandatory)

Pre-purchase rights of the seller: Yes

Durmitor Hotel and Villas, Zabljak - 5 stars

Situated in Zabljak, near the Black Lake, the Durmitor Hotel and Villas project is expected to be completed during mid-2022. While the appearance of the previous Durmitor Hotel retains due to its historical significance, the all-new hotel development, comprising 55 luxury suites and 12 villas, will set a new luxury benchmark for a 5-star hotel in Zabljak. The luxury winter sports and leisure hotel resort will boast a spa and wellness centre occupying over 1000m2, alongside the state of the art gym and conferencing facilities. The hotel will occupy five floors, with an emphasis on accessibility and eco-friendly construction techniques.

Price: 250,000

Type: Villas

Ownership type: co-ownership in a ration of 1/10 (shares)

Rental pool agreement: Yes, compulsory

Profitability: 1/10 portion of the 30% net profit

Delivery Date: 31 December 2022

Minimum ownership: 5 years

Buy-back option: Yes, in the 6th year (price not yet set, will be in the final agreement)

Pre-purchase rights of the seller: Yes

Hotel Bjelasica 1450, Kolasin - 4 stars

Centrally situated, and a stone's throw from the renowned Kolašin 1450 winter sports resort, Bjelasica 1450 is a 4-star hotel resort offering the perfect balance between comfort, elegance, and adventure. The hotel resort, occupying 3 acres of alpine forest, comprises 168 refined real estate units approved as investments of the Montenegro CIB. Bjelasica 1450 Kolašin was the fourth tourism-related real estate project supported under Montenegro's Citizenship By Investment Program.

Price: 250,000 euros

Type: Hotel units (rooms from 35m2 to 50m2, selling model -

first come first served basis)

Usage of unit: 2 months /year

Investment return: 30% of rental pool profit/year

Expenses: the maintenance costs of 50 EUR/m2 of the Condo Unit/annum

Pre-purchase rights of the seller: Yes

Boka Place, Porto Montenegro, Tivat - 5 stars

"At the entrance to Porto Montenegro, the gateway to Boka Bay, Boka Place is built on a naturally elevated plateau to enhance the panoramic views across the vibrant life of the village below to the calm waters of the bay."

A collection of commercial service spaces to eat, shop, stay and relax, this is home to an international community founded on the idea meet and enjoy. From SIRO, a brand-new wellness concept hotel by Kerzner International, to bright, open homes and a shopping and leisure hub, there will be plenty on offer for all. Buyers of properties at Boka Place can secure single or multiple investments to meet the naturalisation requirements for investors at the minimum investment threshold.

Price: Minimal investment 450,000 euros, current lowest price - 553,000 euros

Type: Apartments / Investment in one or more units possible

Rental pool agreement: Yes, optional

Reservation fee: 10,000-20,000 euros

Expenses (if part of the rental pool): financial contributions calculated based on the Net Floor Area of the Residence return for maintenance and other services.

Pre-purchase rights of the seller: Yes

Hotel K-16, Kolasin

Located in the southern part of Bjelasica, the K16 Mountain Getaway is Montenegro's highest altitude winter sports resort. And of course, it qualifies for the country's list of eligible investment property projects for the naturalisation. Upon completion, the resort will incorporate a mix of luxury apartments, mountain chalets and hotel suites.

The resort offers access to world-class ski slopes and Biogradsko lake national park. Moreover, the hotel will feature chic interiors blending seamlessly with the natural environment.

Price: 250,000 euros. 

Queen's Beach Hotel Milocer in seaside-town Budva, - 5 stars

The old Queen's Beach Hotel of Pržno was torn down in 2019 to make room for a brand new hotel development qualified as an investment project for the Montenegro Citizenship By Investment Program. This 5-star hotel development will occupy an area of 37,000 square meters and with a value of over 70 euros million upon completion at the end of 2022. The hotel will also "feature a blend of 60 rooms and 66 luxury apartments featuring 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-bed configurations, as well as dining rooms, living rooms and additional luxury amenities."

Price: minimal investment 800,000, euros average price 2,5 - 3 million euros.

Bobotov Hotel and Villas, Zabljak

Price: 250,000 euros

Type: Hotel units (40 rooms, plus 120 in villas, will share units)

Hotel D&E, Kolasin

Price: 250,000 euros

Elite Hotel & Residences, Kolasin

Price: 250,000 euros

Do you want to become a citizen of Montenegro? Ask for a consultation from the official agent of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program here! 



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