How can Africans get European citizenship or residency by investment?

Published at: 26/08/2020 12:00 pm

How can Africans get European citizenship or residency by investment?

Applicants from Africa can quickly become citizens or residents of Europe as investors or entrepreneurs. Most of the EU countries offer these solutions.


During the Covid epidemic, it is more than challenging to travel from Africa to Europe and to start a naturalisation or immigration process. However, it is not impossible. If you can't fly, because the borders are closed, then we suggest taking a look at the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs or Vanuatu. In these island nations, you can obtain the passport and citizenship without personal presence during the process. You can find all the detailed information about available nationalities for investors here. 


If you want to become European or a citizen of the European Union, then there are plenty of Programs to consider. Meanwhile, only three countries allow naturalisation through investment in the European Union (Austria, Cyprus and Malta). And there is Montenegro at the coast of the Adriatic Sea; this country joins the EU very soon. 


What is the difference between citizenship and a residency by investment program?


Citizenship schemes for investors are usually more expensive but guarantee the fast-track process to become a citizen and obtain the passport. European citizens of the Schengen Agreement's member states can freely move, work or live in the other countries. Meanwhile, residency by investment programs allow the applicants to live and work in the country. However, in the Schengen zone, the residents can freely move around, without using their passports. Residency by investment programs usually lead to permanent resident later citizenship status. 


Where can I find information about the conditions of European citizenship by investment programs for Africans?


Discus Holdings Ltd is an official agent of the European naturalisation programs for investors. Please check our references. You can find detailed information here about the citizenship programmes of:



What is the most popular residency by investment program in Europe for Africans?


It's not an easy task to compare the number of African applicants for the European residency by investment schemes. Still, according to the South African Businessline, it's the Portuguese Golden Visa. To become a Portuguese resident and citizen after five years, the applicant must purchase a residential real estate for at least 350,000 euros. 



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