Best European countries to immigrate from Hong Kong

Published at: 11/11/2019 11:18 am

Best European countries to immigrate from Hong Kong

The citizens of Hong Kong are looking for safe "plan B" countries to reside. Meanwhile, the political situation is sharpening, let's take a look at the fastest, secure and most profitable solutions. This time we check the market of the available residency permits! These schemes are generally quicker and more affordable solutions as citizenship programs.  

Portugal Golden Visa Program

This residency by investment program is one of the most popular choices in Europe. The amount of investment is low, the qualifying fund to invest in real estate starts from 300,000 euros. The visa allows the holder and his or her family to reside in Portugal, but if they don't live there, their foreign-sourced income stays tax exempt. The Portuguese programme offers several options, but the most affordable solution is to refurbish an old flat or house in the charming city centers of Lisbon and Porto. The most common way of investors from Hongkong is to buy the refurbished properties and rent those for the tourists. So, investments create profit very fast. You can read here all the details of the Portuguese Golden Visa for the citizens of Hongkong!

Spanish Golden Visa

The Iberian Peninsula is an attractive land for foreign investors who want to enjoy the European quality of life combined with excellent weather. Spain also offers residency solutions for wealthy foreigners. The minimum amount of investment through the real estate option is half a million euro. The process is fast; two months is enough the become a resident after the visit at the closest Consulate or Embassy of Spain. Naturally, there are several different investment options; you can check the detailed information here.


The Maltese Global Residence program is already one of the favourite residency by investment scheme for those applicants who need an affordable solution in a secure country. Malta offers attractive conditions for the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). To maintain your resident status, you don't have to live in Malta but cannot spend more than 183 days in one other country (because of the tax residency complications). On the other hand, Malta does not tax foreign income and what can be better than living tax-free in the high-tax European Union?

The minimum amount of investment in property is 220,000 euros, or you can rent real estate for at least 6,750 euros per year. Discus Holding's headquarters is in Malta's beautiful capital, Valletta. We are official agents of the different Maltese residency and the citizenship program as well. Click here for further information!


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