Least known citizenship by investment programs

Published at: 08/07/2024 09:07 am

Least known citizenship by investment programs

Not all applicants want the same things: some seek a safe future, others value freedom of travel, and some aspire to a tax-exempt life. Let's delve into these lesser-known passport programs that not only cater to these diverse preferences but also offer a myriad of benefits for investors, sparking your interest in the possibilities they hold!

The most preferred citizenship by investment programs are now in the Caribbean region and Vanuatu. Turkey is another prompt passport solution, and the low costs attract plenty of applicants from all around the world. There are solutions to obtaining a residency permit and later becoming a citizen. It is the way of the most developed countries, such as the EU Member States, USA, Australia, and Canada.

For those with European ancestry, the citizenship through descendent schemes offer a unique opportunity. Countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, and many others are actively seeking to reconnect with their diaspora, offering them a chance to reclaim their ancestral citizenship. This exclusive option adds a personal touch to the citizenship journey.


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Now, let's venture into some more unique and intriguing ways to obtain a second citizenship, each with its own distinct charm and appeal!

Cambodia Citizenship by Investment Program

The first option is tricky because you receive a renewable residency visa if you invest at least 100,000 USD in real estate. After five years as a resident, you can apply for citizenship.

Egypt Citizenship by investment Program

You can become a citizen of Egypt by purchasing a property for at least 300,000 USD. Another scheme option is to start a project worth 350,000 and donate 100,000 USD to the government. This program is significantly more expensive than the Caribbean solutions, and according to the news, they have received more than 1,000 applicants.

Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program

Interestingly, it is one of the most expensive passport schemes. To obtain the certificate of naturalisation, you must invest at least 750,000 USD and create ten jobs for locals.


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