Vanuatu offers the cheapest citizenship for a family of four

Published at: 18/06/2024 08:10 am

Vanuatu offers the cheapest citizenship for a family of four

Vanuatu  has recently unveiled an exclusive citizenship-by-investment option. This unique opportunity allows a family of four to become passport holders for only 165,000 USD, and it's not only a donation but partly a real investment.

The official name of this initiative is the "CIIP-CNO Future Fund", with CIIP representing Vanutatu's Capital Investment Program. This passport scheme stands out as the government has retained the structure of the previous immigration system, which accounts for 115,000 USD of the investment. However, they have also introduced a tangible investment option, adding significant value to the scheme. The CIIP-CNO Future Fund is managed by a transparent and accountable board, ensuring that your investment is used effectively and responsibly for the development of Vanuatu. 

The CNO Future Fund, a key component of the CIIP-CNO Future Fund program, receives 50,000 USD from the applicants to invest in developing Vanuatu's coconut oil industry. This investment not only supports a sustainable and profitable sector of Vanuatu's economy but also provides you with an opportunity for financial growth. Five years later, the investors can redeem the 50,000 USD with an additional annual 4-5% return. Moreover, direct investment helps Vanuatu reach the main goal of the 2030 Net Zero Goal program: to achieve 100% renewable energy in electricity generation.

Please note that the program's target is only 120 applicants per year, so it is time to get your Vanuatu passport this year! The naturalisation process, which takes only 60 days, is swift and efficient. Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the most experienced investors' immigration service providers in Vanuatu. Ask here for a consultation!

What are the significant advantages of becoming a Vanuatu citizen through the CIIP-CNO Future Fund Program?

  • First, Vanuatu is a tropical archipelago paradise, always on the list of the happiest countries.
  • Vanuatu's passport allows visa-free travel to more than a hundred countries, including the UK, Russia, Singapore, the Caribbean region, and Australia, with a special e-visa.
  • You do not have to visit Vanuatu to become a passport holder.
  • Moreover, Vanuatu does not impose income, wealth, or inheritance tax.
  • Vanuatu also allows double citizenship so that you can keep your original passport.
  • Vanuatu offers the fastest and cheapest second passport solution.


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