How Hungary's Guest Investor Residency Program becomes the top in Europe?

Published at: 19/02/2024 09:01 am

How Hungary's Guest Investor Residency Program becomes the top in Europe?

There are excellent EU residency by investment programs. However, Hungary's new scheme is taking over Europe's immigration solutions for investors in 2024. Cost, process time and difficulty, residents' rights and citizenship are the reasons behind the fast success.

How much money must you invest for a Hungarian EU residency permit?

There are two investment solutions in Hungary for the EU residency permit:

  • Invest in a real estate investment fund of €250,000 or
  • directly invest in real estate for a minimum of €500,000.

Is spending a quarter or half a million for a residency a good investment?


From a strictly financial point of view, these investments may generate profit or guarantee a luxury lifestyle. The smaller investment amount may create significant gains if the real estate fund does well, and it should. On the other hand, the property prices in Hungary are lower than in other countries with similar investment solutions. An amount of half a million euros is enough for a luxurious house, flat or beautiful mansion anywhere in the country. In Germany or France, 500,000 euros is the price of a small flat in a good neighbourhood. Meanwhile, in Central Europe, this amount will guarantee you a beautiful and spacious home in an elegant district of the capital or at Lake Balaton among the rich and famous.

What are the advantages of the new Hungarian Residency by Investment program?

The Hungarian residency permit allows you to travel and stay in any EU country. As an entrepreneur, you can also work anywhere in the Schengen zone. 

You and your family can live in Hungary but do not have to, as you wish. You can bring your spouse and underage children. 

Hungary offers a high quality of life with a rich cultural heritage, affordable cost of living, and excellent healthcare and education systems. 

The processing time is usually faster than in many EU countries, where the migration authorities are in severe backlogs; in several other countries, it is impossible to plan the processing time.

Do you want to become a resident or later citizen of the European Union through an investment in Hungary? Discus Holdings Ltd's roots are in Hungary; we have supported foreign investors settling and doing business in Hungary for more than 30 years. Read here the details of the program and contact us for a consultation!



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