How do you choose the fastest and most affordable citizenship?

Published at: 22/11/2023 07:50 am

How do you choose the fastest and most affordable citizenship?

Find the reason why you need a new citizenship with us. Fast processing time, affordable price, tax advantages or freedom of travel?

First of all, there is no cheap citizenship to obtain. If you wish to get a new passport, you can choose the traditional naturalisation process, which will take three to twenty (!) years. Or invest in exchange for a fast process.

Fast citizenship

The fastest citizenships are always obtainable through investment. As an investor, you can get your new passport in two months in Vanuatu and the Caribbean islands or in one year in Malta. Meanwhile, through the simple naturalisation processes, you will first become a resident and, after a couple of years, a citizen. It will take at least three years, but the usual waiting time is 3-8. For example, in exceptional cases, Switzerland's naturalisation processing time can reach 20 years. Now, let's see if the long way's cost of getting a new citizenship through waiting is worth the price.

Affordable citizenship

The necessary donation amount for the most affordable citizenship by investment programs can be only 100-120,000 USD. If you wish to reach profit or get your investment amount back, count with a spending of at least 250,000 USD. But the average spending in real estate is more or less 400,000 USD. Now, let's compare these amounts with the cost of yearly living in some affordable European countries:

Spain: 8,100 euros for a single person, but 28,500 euros 34,742 for a family of four.
Italy: 9,972 euros for a single person and 34,742 for a family of four. (according to numbeo)
And it is only the cost of living because, first of all, you will need to pay an excellent lawyer to become a resident and the high taxes after your income and later the process fees for the naturalisation. 

Let us help you with detailed information on the fastest naturalisation times and the most affordable costs. Our experts at Discus Holdings Ltd are waiting for you. 


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