Future Trends and Predictions of Citizenship by Investment Programs

Published at: 06/09/2023 08:30 am

Future Trends and Predictions of Citizenship by Investment Programs

Prices are increasing; bureaucracy is always more complicated, and sometimes there is no time to wait to apply for your new citizenship.

Since 2015, the costs of obtaining a second or multiple citizenship have been decreasing, and thanks to the IT revolution, it has become easier to fulfil the requirements online to get a new citizenship.

Moreover, the countries with citizenship by investment programs were competing for clients; they had to introduce new and newer investment options. In 2023, more than one hundred thousand dollars was enough to get a new passport, and 150,000 dollars was enough to obtain citizenship for an entire family.

Increasing costs of the citizenship programs in 2023

However, dark clouds have gathered in the sky since 2020. Remember that the golden age of citizenship programs started after 2008 when President Obama declared war on the offshore industry. Instead of the company, the owners moved to mainly tax-neutral countries. The money began to disappear from the always more and more hungry treasuries. On the other hand, many people obtained the freedom of travel from Africa and Asia with their new passports, and the companies of the developed countries did not greet with love the new competitors in their markets. There is no reason to dislike foreign investors, who are subject to much stricter scrutiny than other immigrants.

In any case, the EU parliament made the Member States suspend and cancel their citizenship by investment programs. They also aim to cancel all the residency by investment programs until 2025. Moreover, the EU pressures all the other countries to suspend their immigration, citizenship or residency programs for investors. And precisely this is why in 2023, the Caribbean countries must duplicate the investment amounts in exchange for their passports.

Trends are trends, so you should count on increasing immigration costs shortly; decide and contact us for a free consultation. Let's find together the most convenient scheme for you! 


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