Which residency by investment program offers the best education for your children?

Published at: 09/08/2023 11:30 am

Which residency by investment program offers the best education for your children?

Look at the best elementary, secondary and university education solutions with residency permits!

Luckily, the countries with citizenship by investment and residency by investment programs usually can be proud of their elementary, secondary and tertial educationOf course, education is not one of the main drives of obtaining a second passport or residency. However, all parents know that schooling is sometimes more important than business. 

  1. United Kingdom: The UK is home to prestigious universities with a long history of academic excellence. While the Tier 1 Investor Visa was closed, there might be other options for residency.
  2. Portugal: Portugal's Golden Visa program provides a pathway to residency, later citizenship and access to the country's education system, which includes several esteemed universities. The Portuguese residency by investment program has changed recently. Check the details here. And remember, please, to enrol in a Portuguese university, the Portuguese language is more than worthwhile. However, everybody speaks English very well in the most Western country of the European Union. 
  3. Spain: Spain's Golden Visa program allows investors and their families to obtain residency and access its education system, which includes various universities and educational institutions. Again, please remember that there are curses in English, but the primary language used in all universities is European Spanish. 
  4. Malta: Malta's residency by investment program offers access to European educational standards, and English is the official language in higher education. Discus Holdings headquarters is in Malta's capital Valetta, so we have a vast experience in Maltese residency, citizenship and, of course, study issues for the children of international investors. 
  5. Cyprus: Cyprus offers a favourable residency program for investors and their families, providing access to its education system.

It's essential to conduct thorough research on the specific residency by investment programs and each country's education system. Consider factors such as the availability of courses, language of instruction, accreditation, and the particular needs of your family members when choosing a country for education purposes. Education quality can vary between nations, regions, and institutions, so assessing each option is essential. However, obtaining a degree from a good university will open the gate for the Wolrd for your children. And with proper residency and citizenship, supporting them through the studying years is more manageable and, interestingly, even more affordable.
Contact us for more information and chat about your children's future in another country, which allows them to study and get the best available degrees! 


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