Discus Holdings at the IMI Daily's Prestigious Malta Event

Published at: 26/05/2023 08:00 am

Discus Holdings at the IMI Daily's Prestigious Malta Event

Laszlo Kiss, our Managing Director and Daniel Hochbaum, Director of Business Development attended the three-day industry summit hosted by IMI Daily in Malta from May 18th to May 20th, 2023. The event provided valuable insights into the dynamics of the investment migration industry and gave us a unique opportunity to connect with industry peers, policymakers, and key stakeholders.

One of the major discussions was regarding "Malta vs European Commission: An In-depth Legal Analysis". The debate highlighted the legal aspects of the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP) and Malta MEIN - programs that Discus Holdings proudly represents. We felt reaffirmed in our commitment to these programs, which are designed to benefit both the host nation and the investors, despite the challenging regulatory environment.

The event also touched upon a 'post-mortem' analysis of the residency programs of Portugal, Ireland, and the UK, and the Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIPs) of Albania, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. The exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of these programs helps to measure the sustainability of our own offerings and identify areas of potential improvement and innovation.

A panel discussion about the emerging Investment Migration (IM) programs in Latin America served as an eye-opener, showcasing the region's growing potential. The rise of these programs indicates a diversification of the investment migration landscape, promising new opportunities for investors worldwide.

Moreover, the dialogue on the Caribbean CBI real estate was particularly intriguing, shedding light on the future trends and practices in this region. We were glad to hear the discourse regarding the minimization of misconduct, an initiative we fully support.

Citizenship by descent was another significant topic, reminding us of the intricate history and multi-layered identity aspects in the investment migration industry. The inclusion of special needs for American clients in the summit's agenda emphasized the importance of individualized approaches and services, a value we hold dear at Discus Holdings.

We also took note of the latest developments presented during discussions about Italy's "Dolce Visa", Armenian CIP, the results of the Turkish election, and, of course, the situation in Malta. It was fascinating to witness how geopolitical changes could influence and reshape our industry.

Finally, the concept of the '6 CBI Principles' and its practical implementation was an exciting aspect of the summit. It not only provides a direction for the CBI industry but also instills a code of conduct to ensure a sustainable and ethical future.

Overall, the event reinforced our commitment to transparency, diligence, and innovation. Discus Holdings will continue to apply the learnings from this summit to enhance our service offerings and contribute positively to the investment migration industry.

We look forward to the upcoming events and the chance to engage in more such insightful discussions.

Discus Holdings Ltd's experts have vast experience in Malta. Contact here our local representative and obtain all the necessary information and guidance you need to become a permanent resident of Malta and travel visa free within the European Union!

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