How to get residency in Portugal after the Golden Visa Program closes?

Published at: 24/04/2023 09:36 am

How to get residency in Portugal after the Golden Visa Program closes?

The Portuguese Golden Visa ends as we know it, but the investors will keep their residency, and you can apply until the government officially publish the new legislation.

Becoming a resident of the European Union through the Portuguese Golden Visa is simple. You must collect the necessary documents, get a qualifying entry visa and a tax number and open a bank account. We at Discus Holdings Ltd are at your service to apply as fast as possible to reach your goal before the deadline. Read here about the details of the closing Portuguese Golden Visa Program!

If you pass the deadline, Portugal's D2 and D7 visas will be the available tools to become a resident and later a citizen of the EU Member State. It looks like the legislators will leave one option of the residency by investment program open; you can still sponsor cultural events and receive the residency permit in exchange. 

The Portuguese D2 Entrepreneur visa is even more affordable than the Golden Visa. However, it needs commitment. Those days, when you bought a cheap house, refurbished and rented out for great profit in the EU over, or as it looks like, Europe wants more than a bit of money in exchange for your right to live there.

But Europe will always need your money and skills. For example, Portugal's D2 Entrepreneur Visa Program requirements are relatively simple. You must register a company, have a little money and have a sound project plan to realise. If your objective is transparent and viable, you will get the resident status for less money than investing in a property on the harshly overpriced Portuguese real estate market. Of course, the process is bureaucratic and time-consuming, but our experts at Discus Holdings Ltd will support your application
 and hold your hand until you become a European.

Moreover, Portugal offers another option, the D7 visa satisfies the needs of wealthier clients who do not want to work in Portugal, only enjoying the high-quality life and the freedom of movement in the European Union. The D7 visa is a retirement visa, but anybody may qualify with a stable passive income of fewer than 9,000 euros annually as the primary requirement.


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