Cheaper Greece Golden Visa until August 2023!

Published at: 19/04/2023 08:33 am

Cheaper Greece Golden Visa until August 2023!

The minimum amount of real estate investment will increase only from August 2023 to half a million euros from 250k euros. You still have time to search for the right property and become an EU resident!

You have time, but hurrying and applying for the Greek Golden Visa is better. The minimum investment amount will increase for the most popular investment option, and the government will also limit the available locations for the applicants.

The original date issued by the Greek government to increase your costs was 30 April, but it has been extended until 31 July. 

Another good news is that the increased amount will apply only to the 36 key municipalities. It means you can still find a private Greek paradise for only 250,000 euros if you want something other than the most popular tourist centres. These 36 are municipalities all in the Greater Athens region, two are Mykonos and Santorini islands, and the rest are in Greater Thessaloniki. 

We at Discus Holding Ltd are experts in Greek immigration laws and the local real estate market. Look at the details of the Greece Golden Visa residency by investment program and contact us for a consultation before the necessary money you must spend doubles for an EU residency permit!

As a property owner in Greece, you and your family can reside unlimitedly in an EU member state and travel visa-free in the other Schengen states. This European residency by investment program offers the most affordable settlement solution for families, the investor's spouse, the children under 21 even the parents can join. Moreover, you do not have to live in Greece, there is no minimum stay requirement, and you can also rent your real estate and create income. After five years, you can renew your status or sell your property. The real estate option is only one of the several options. However, it is the most popular solution to settle in a European country. 


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