The real estate market of Grenada: get a house and a passport in paradise!

Published at: 06/04/2023 08:21 am

The real estate market of Grenada: get a house and a passport in paradise!

Grenada is one of the safe, affordable tropical island nation paradises, where the health care system and the education are great.

Grenada is known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and friendly people. The cost of housing in Grenada can vary depending on location and property type. However, it is generally relatively affordable compared to other Caribbean islands.
(Remember, in the Caribbean region, you can also find extra expensive luxury islands, like the European Martinique. Meanwhile, there are the dangerous and not so emerging countries, such as Haiti or Trinidad and Tobago)

The island has many housing options available, from luxury villas and resorts to more affordable apartments and houses. The housing market in Grenada has been growing in recent years, with an increase in demand for vacation homes and long-term rentals. Prices for a two-bedroom apartment in the capital city of St. George's can start around $100,000, while prices for a three-bedroom house can start around $200,000. Prices can be higher in more affluent areas and beachfront properties.

Renting a property in Grenada can also be an affordable option, with prices starting around $500 per month for a two-bedroom apartment and $800 per month for a three-bedroom house.
It's important to note that the cost of housing can also vary depending on the specific location, and it's recommended to research and compare different areas before making a decision.

Grenada offers so many advantages for investors. The country is a US E2 partner, meaning that you can start a business in the US with your Grenada passport and move there. Meanwhile, the citizenship by investment unit Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the most experienced agents of the Grenada citizenship by investment program. Please, examine the detailed information and ask for a free consultation!


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