Which is the most accessible Citizenship Program for Iranian and Russian nationals?

Published at: 03/04/2023 09:23 am

Which is the most accessible Citizenship Program for Iranian and Russian nationals?

Citizens of Russia and Iran struggle to find a new home country which allows them to do business or live a peaceful life. Turkey welcomes Russian and Iranian investors.

How much does it cost for citizens of Russia and Iran to obtain the passports of Turkey?

You can choose from four options under the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program: 

  • You can purchase real estate for at least 400,000 USD
  • Invest in a Turkish business for at least 500,000 USD
  • Deposit at least 500,000 USD in a Turkish bank
  • Create at least 50 jobs

(The cost of real estate purchase was 250,000 USD until 2022) You must maintain the investment or deposit for at least three years.

Advantages of becoming a citizen of Turkey for Russians and Iranians

  • The Turkish passport is strong; it allows visiting 113 countries without applying for a visa or picking up an entry visa upon arrival. The visa-free countries with Turkish travel documents include Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.
  • The investor, the spouse and underage children receive the citizenship and the passports simultaneously.
  • The investment is "pure". There are no extra government fees and costs or complex procedures.
  • Turkey introduced several industrial and special commercial zones to attract investors with reduced tax, VAT and Customs fees.

Remember, all other citizenship by investment programs are closed or at least limited for applicants from Russia or Iran.

The preparation phase and the naturalisation process are straightforward. You choose the best investment option and start gathering the necessary documents. After the application for Turkish citizenship, a special council approves the request and forwards it to the Council of Ministers, who announce the final decision.

Discus Holdings Ltd started to support applications from Russian and Iranian clients more than 25 years ago. We have the experience and necessary contacts to help you become a Turkish citizen as fast as possible under the law. Click here to read the details of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program! 



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