Which Caribbean Citizenship gives the most mobility?

Published at: 17/03/2023 08:52 am

Which Caribbean Citizenship gives the most mobility?

If you wish for quick second citizenship and travel freedom, Grenada offers you the best passport in exchange for an investment. Citizens of Grenada can enter visa-free 144 countries. Grenada is internationally one of the most peaceful countries. As a result, passport holders have access to the EU Schengen zone, the UK, China and Russia.

Moreover, Grenada is an E2 country; it is the most straightforward and affordable way of moving in the United States. The cost of obtaining a passport from Grenada and starting a qualifying project for the E2 visa is more affordable than the popular immigration programs. This valuable issue forged Grenadian citizenship not only a tax-neutral solution, but its passport became a precious tool for global business.

How much does travel freedom cost?

Grenada attracts investors with different options like the other Caribbean countries with passport programs. Under the contribution option, the applicants must donate at least 150,000 USD to the National Transformation Fund. The amount and the additional fees depend on the number of applicants. Please, note that even siblings can apply for citizenship. For large families, it is one of the best citizenship solutions.

The other option is real estate investment in qualified projects. Under this alternative, the minimum amount of investment is 220,000 USD. These eligible real estates are generally tourism-related projects. Grenada is a unique paradise island, beautiful and secure. The largest employer and investor in the private sector is St George's University; they give jobs to more than 600 residents as faculty, staff and administrators.

Freedom of travel and tax-neutral status in Grenada

Grenada does not impose income, wealth, or inheritance tax but offers the mobility you need to access the world's most important markets. These unique characteristics allow you to do business and gain a global financial advantage over your competitors in your industry.
You can become a citizen of Grenada without visiting the country, and you do not have to live there or become a tax resident. However, it is one of the most beautiful tropical islands, where you and your family can live a happy and peaceful life. Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the most experienced agents of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program. Click here for the details or contact us for a free consultation.


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