Which Caribbean Citizenship offers the best alternative investment option?

Published at: 13/03/2023 12:11 pm

Which Caribbean Citizenship offers the best alternative investment option?

There are secure investment options for citizenship, and you do not have to contribute or purchase qualified real estate. Saint Lucia offers an alternative, safe and profitable option.

All the Caribbean countries with citizenship by investment programs offer different options for investors who wish to become passport holders. Usually, you can contribute to the state, which is the most affordable option, but the money will be gone, so it is not an investment where you get back your funds, at least with a bit of profit after some years. The other solution is real estate purchase. In this case, the qualified real estate is usually a tiny part, perhaps a small apartment in a new hotel or resort. Luckily, the tourism industry of the Caribbean paradise dream island nations is booming. And sometimes, you can spend one or two weeks annually and enjoy your tourism-related investment project. But this option generally costs at least two or even three times more than the contribution option. These excellent investment projects may create profit but will take some time to realise it, according to our experience. 

Saint Lucia was the last country in the CARICOM region to introduce a citizenship-by-investment option. As they compete with other nations in the region to find citizenship applicants, they launched a third investment solution.

Saint Lucia Alternative Investment in Government Bonds for the citizenship

Up to a family of four, the minimum investment in government bonds is 250,000 USD. Additional qualifying family members pay 15,000 USD per person. Moreover, there is a governmental fee of 30,000 USD, and you must hold the bonds for a minimum of 5/7 years.

After the required time, you will receive back your capital with interest. So you keep your money not like under the contribution option. On the other hand, it is more affordable than the real estate option, the return of your money and the profit are guaranteed, and the process is, of course, more straightforward.

The naturalisation process of investors in Saint Lucia may take five months. You can visit your new home country or reside there during or after obtaining citizenship. The passport is strong (EU Schengen, UK included, and easy to get a long-term USA visa), and there are no taxes on private earnings, inheritance or wealth.

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