Which Caribbean Citizenship is the best for a single applicant?

Published at: 20/02/2023 08:48 am

Which Caribbean Citizenship is the best for a single applicant?

Dominica offers a single applicant the most affordable and straightforward citizenship by investment scheme. Here are the details if you want a quick and robust passport with legal no-tax status.

According to the Financial Times PWM Magazine, Dominica's citizenship program has kept its first rank for six years among all passports through investment solutions.

How much should I invest for the citizenship of Dominica?

In exchange for a contribution of 100,000 USD, you will become a citizen of the Caribbean paradise-island nation. The tiny island nation offers contribution and investment options included in the citizenship by investment program, launched in 1993. If you would invest in real estate for naturalisation, the minimum amount is 200,000 USD, and additional state fees depend on the number of applicants. In this case, you must maintain the investment for three years.

Why does it worth becoming a Dominican citizen?

Dominica is a safe country to live in and travel worldwide as a holder of a Dominican passport. This travel document allows you to enter 143 countries visa-free, including also the European Schengen zone, the UK, Russia, China and the United Arab Emirates.

Investing in tourism-related real estate or projects in Dominica is a secure option. The country is famous for its excellent beaches; there are more than 365 seasides to enjoy, and the number of guest nights is increasing.

There are no income, wealth, or inheritance taxes in Dominica. As a tax resident citizen, you can enjoy a legal and transparent tax-neutral status.

How much time does it take to become a citizen of Dominica?

The naturalisation process usually takes only three months, and the applicants do not have to visit the country, so you can become a citizen and passport holder of Dominica without leaving your home country. 

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