How can you get a Golden Visa in Portugal for only €200,000?

Published at: 13/01/2023 03:35 pm

How can you get a Golden Visa in Portugal for only €200,000?

The Portugal Golden Visa is one the most popular residency by investment program in Europe, but only a few know it has a cheaper option. Not only real estate purchase can lead you to European residency and later citizenship.


The Portuguese Golden Visa Program investors always overwhelmingly preferred the real estate purchase option. However, the lowest investment amount is 280,000 euros. More than this is needed for a decent home or a flat to rent and obtain a stable income. And remember, after the recent changes in the Portuguese program, you must buy real estate in the countryside, far from Lisbon, Porto or Algarves.

And only a few applicants know that only 200,000 euros of investment with fast return and significant profitability is also available. You can invest in culture as well, and the amount of necessary investment is the lowest among the options.



Portuguese Cultural Golden Visa Program

Historically, most prospective Golden Visa applicants have overlooked the Portuguese Cultural Visa based on the assumption that it is a donation-based option. (Supporting artistic activities is generally not profitable.)

However, there are exceptions to this rule: investing in film production (for profit) is one way to fulfil the Cultural Golden Visa requirements. And such application submissions must be carried out by an eligible public entity.

Here, you can view the official government program overview for the Cultural Production option (AKA "artistic production" route). 

Additionally, the Cultural Golden Visa for film production has other advantages:

  •      Lower cost - from only €200k in low-density areas (otherwise €250K)
  • ·   It's the only Golden Visa application submitted by an official entity
  • ·   It's the only GV option featuring a 15-day government pre-approval step
  • ·   You do not have to spend any funds before pre-approval
  • ·   Tax-exempt investment
  • ·   No maintenance or registration fees
  • ·   Expenses reduction of 80% when compared to real estate
  • ·   Faster processing before immigration submission
  • ·   Only one visit is required (biometric & notary appointments)
  • ·   Full Associate Producer status, with inclusion in the film credits
  • ·   Invitations to exclusive première events and shoot location visits
  • ·   The possibility of an early return of capital (subject to a penalty)
  • ·   Creation of demonstrable real-world ties to Portugal, enhancing future citizenship applications
  • ·   Follow-up and reporting throughout the residency process until permanent residency or citizenship
  • ·   Guaranteed returns backed by a notarized deed


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