The new age of the job-seeker visas

Published at: 20/09/2022 10:45 am

The new age of the job-seeker visas

Undoubtedly, job seeker visas will be the new option to settle in the EU and other developed countries. Meanwhile, wealthy nations wish to limit or even abolish residency by investment programs. However, it looks like job-seeker visas will balance the investor programs so that all options will be acceptable to the legislators and the voters.


What is a job-seeker visa?


There are several different entry permits, even residency permits, under the legislations of the sovereign nations. Generally, a job-seeker visa allows you to stay in a country for a limited time to find a job or start a business. 


In 2021, the EU Parliament started to realise their policy to abolish citizenship and residency through European investment programs. However, the legislators have been discussing and planning such a move. More than 20 Member States of the European Union have introduced residency by investment solutions for third country citizens since 2002. Still, the golden age of residency by investment programs is over. Naturally, wealthy entrepreneurs, businesspeople and celebrities will always have official and fast routes to settle in Europe. Sovereign states will fight for their right to introduce their immigration channels. Still, the power of Brussels and Strassbourg is overwhelming. 


Why did job-seeker visas become a popular idea?


Germany was among the first countries to issue job-seeker visas in Europe. From June 2022, Portugal followed and from September 2022, job-seekers have enough time in the UAE  as well to find the proper work contract. Europe needs the workforce, not only investors. Low and high-skilled people are now welcome. The aftermath of the Covid pandemic now allows many people to try their luck in Europe. Meanwhile, the legislators felt it unlawful and unjustified that only the wealthy have streamlined immigration programs. Perhaps the introduction of the job-seeker visa will balance the immigration policies of Europe. 


Can job-seeker visas replace residency by investment programs?


No, because their goal is different. Job-seeker visas target professionals but mainly employed people. Meanwhile, the residency by investment programs serve investors, entrepreneurs and people who wish to retire in a chosen jurisdiction. However, the introduction of job-seeker visas may calm the legislators. Because these visas allow not only the wealthy to enjoy the streamlined processes and not only prosperous investors will have the right to settle elsewhere. 


How do job-seeker visas work?


In Germany, Portugal, and even the UAE, people can stay up to six months and look for a job. Obtaining a job-seeker visa does not mean that you can automatically work. Because you still need the work contract to get a temporary or permanent work permit or resident status. But at least you can personally search for a job. Everybody who tries to search for any option in another country has difficulties finding the proper position without being able to talk face to face with the employers. And not everybody is a location-independent freelancer. And employers prefer personal meetings when the workforce arrives from third countries. 


However, the investors interested in Europe and those applicants who want to retire in Europe are not job-seekers. For them, residency by investment programs are still the best solution! Ask for consultation here if you want to become a resident through a real estate purchase or a simple bank deposit.




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