How to choose investment in exchange for citizenship or residency?

Published at: 07/09/2022 10:05 am

How to choose investment in exchange for citizenship or residency?

Which is the best investment option for your new passport? Contribution, property investment, capital deposit, job creation, company registration?


Interestingly, the options for citizenship and residency by investment programs are almost similar everywhere. 


You may need to use only one option, but the investment is mixed in other countries. For example, you must contribute, buy or rent a home and register a company. 


Two more than standard investment options are included in almost all CIP or RIP schemes. 


Contribution or Donation in exchange for a citizenship


It is the most simple solution. The host country needs money for a specific or general objective and creates an entity or foundation. The investor donates or contributes the amount and receives the citizenship and the passports. Caribbean countries with passport schemes usually help the local economy or help rebuild after a terrible hurricane. Meanwhile, for example, through the Maltese Golden Visa options, the church or other charities directly receive the contribution. Generally, this is the most affordable solution. 


Property investment in exchange for a citizenship


Under this option, depending on the host country, you should purchase:

  • residential real estate
  • qualified real estate (mainly hotels and resorts)
  • commercial property (as in Greece or Portugal)

Under the Turkish program, you can buy any residential (or other) real estate anywhere you choose the target. Meanwhile, in some Caribbean countries or Montenegro, you must invest in qualified properties. For example, you buy a room in a new hotel. The hotel rents the room, and you earn a percentage of the income. Sometimes you can use the room for a couple of weeks but not more.


Commercial property is an exciting category. In this case, you must use the property for business. Still, we saw investors who bought ridiculously cheap restaurants on the Greek seaside and used them for living. Please ask for a consultation to understand your rights during the citizenship by investment program.

(If you invest, then be sure that the return will be enough and sure to get your money back and earn even more.) Investment is an investment. 


Bank deposit in exchange for citizenship


You must deposit a certain amount in a locally registered financial institute, usually an elevated sum. Capital transfer belongs to this category.


Buying shares or bonds in exchange for a citizenship


Under this option, you must purchase any or qualified shares or bonds in locally registered and managed companies, funds, or the treasury. 


Company registration in exchange for a citizenship


When you opt for this solution, there is a minimum capital requirement. Sometimes you must have a local partner (even shareholder), director, or secretary and must create jobs. 


Job creation in exchange for a citizenship


It is one of the most complex options. To create jobs, you must register a company, start a local business, and pay taxes.


Do you want to choose a tailormade investment for you in exchange for a second passport? Contact us; we can help you analyse and prepare for your decision!


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