Can residency permits help you to travel?

Published at: 25/08/2022 12:05 pm

Can residency permits help you to travel?

Temporary and permanent residency permits are not "travel documents" as passports. Still, becoming a resident of a well-chosen country will help you to enjoy the freedom of travel.


First of all, resident status is not citizenship. Usually, citizens have the right to enjoy the freedom of travel, limited by their passports' strength. However, the globalised world offers several structures to use more reachable residency permits to travel instead of the expensive or complex citizenships. 


Are there residency permits which allow you to travel? 


Yes, of course! Think about the permanent residency permits or golden visas of the EU Member States. These different resident statuses generally allow you to travel to any other European country. Meanwhile, the Schengen zone is a secure and supportive tool for the citizens and residents to strengthen the connections between individuals and businesses. In South America, the permanent residents of other MERCOSUR countries (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador) can easily travel and settle in any other member state. Moreover, residents enjoy facilitated travel rules even in the West African Economic and Monetary Union. 


How can you use your residency permit to travel?


Let's see a typical example of travelling thanks to a residency permit. Let's say you are a citizen of India and invest for a residency or citizenship in any other but far away country, namely in the US, Canada, or EU, anywhere. And let's make your route more difficult. There are travel restrictions because of Covid or any other disease or war. 


So, you have the right to go to your country of citizenship (typically). And you have the right to go to your second home, where you are a resident. You may choose the best or the best available route. If the two countries are far, on different continents, you can plan your trip as you wish or as you can manage it. You may travel around the world before reaching your destination. 


How should you choose the best residency by investment program to travel?


Countries worldwide offer residency solutions for investors, high-skilled people or entrepreneurs. Contact us to find the best solution for you.




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