Which Caribbean citizenship offers the best real estate investment?

Published at: 04/07/2022 10:31 am

Which Caribbean citizenship offers the best real estate investment?

If your investment in exchange for a Caribbean passport is real estate, you should also consider the profit. You chose the more expensive option instead of the generally cheaper contribution, and there must be a reason.


The first reason why people invest in real estate for citizenship is that they want to live there. Or at least it looks like that. Because in most cases (even in Montenegro), the real estate investment means qualified projects. There are usually huge resorts or hotel rooms. Perhaps you can stay in your Caribbean home a couple of weeks per year, but the objective is to generate profit for the project owner and the investors. 


Where to invest in qualified real estate in exchange for citizenship?


Look at Grenada's CIP-approved projects (citizenship by investment program)! The general picture is that these real estate development projects are all elegant and exclusive hotels or resorts. Will they generate profit for you? It depends on each project. It would help if you had an expert's advice because, believe us, you can not decide even after a personal visit. Our colleagues are experienced experts regarding investments in the Caribbean property market. Contact us for a consultation before you buy your part for a passport. If you need accurate market data about the increase of guest nights in Grenada, you will not find relevant information online; check it here. Please, do not take crucial steps and invest without an expert's opinion. 


In Dominica, the investment environment is similar to Grenada. You need to invest in an authorised real estate project. Of course, as a citizen, you can buy or rent another real estate and live there, but your investment for citizenship is different. Moreover, in Antigua and Barbuda, the offer is the same, authorised real estate only. And, of course, Saint Lucia also wants to sell only authorised real estate projects.


St Kitts and Nevis launched the first official citizenship by investment program in 1984. And they created the authorised real estate development solution as well. 


However, until 1 November 2022, you can also buy private homes! It is your chance to purchase real estate in the Caribbean, where you can live or rent it without limitations! Look at the detailed information here and ask for a consultation to find the best private home for you and your family and be able to rent it if you wish so!

If you want a European residency permit through real estate purchase, we offer you the best solutions!




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