Can Greece's residency by investment scheme take over Portugal as the most preferred European Golden Visa?

Published at: 18/05/2022 12:51 pm

Can Greece's residency by investment scheme take over Portugal as the most preferred European Golden Visa?

Greece's Golden Visa Program became even more attractive to foreign investors who wish to invest in a European second residency. The reason is the increasing number of applicants worldwide and the recent tightening of the Portuguese Golden Visa. 


According to, in 2021, more successful applicants qualified for the Greek Golden Visa than the number of new investor residents in Portugal (865). 


How do I get a Golden Visa for Greece, and can I get residency in Greece if I buy a house?


Yes, but the Greece Golden Visa Program has several different options, for example, for high skilled managers or entrepreneurs. However, the real estate purchase is the most sought-after investment option in exchange for a Greek permanent residency permit. 


Is the Greece Golden Visa the most flexible European residency by investment program?


Yes. If you choose the real estate purchase option, the minimum investment amount is only €250,000. Moreover, Greece is a member of the European Union, but the recovering real estate market is still affordable. There are gems for a quarter-million euros. And Greece has a lot to offer. Not only are seaside properties exciting, but the big cities also qualify for the program. 


Property lease option of the Greece Golden Visa


Interestingly, it's not commonly known that you can also become a permanent resident of the European Union with a property lease and not only purchase in Greece. As a sole proprietor or legal entity (company), you must lease commercial property for tourism and sign a contract for not less than 15 years. There are many businesses to do in Greece, Google the available properties. 


The other real estate related options of the Greece Golden Visa program:


  • Rent a tourist residence (hotel, motel, etc.) The minimum amount of investment is €250,000
  • Timeshare for at least €250,000
  • Receive real estate as a gift of at least €250,000


There is only one investment option related to financial operations. You can also purchase securities or open a bank account and deposit at least €400,000.


How long does it take to get a Golden Visa in Greece?


Start your application from abroad through a Greek Embassy or Consulate. The immigration process will take around three months. However, if you apply in Greece at the Department of Foreign Affairs, more or less one month is enough to become a European resident. 


How can I apply for the Greece Golden Visa Program's real estate options?


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