Simplified UAE Golden Residence Scheme 2022

Published at: 05/05/2022 10:51 am

Simplified UAE Golden Residence Scheme 2022

The United Arab Emirates simplified the Golden Residence Scheme, an immigration program for investors and high-skilled talents.


The new amendment of the law simplifies the eligibility criteria and expands the categories of applicants and beneficiaries. 


The Golden Residence Scheme's (valid for ten years) objective is to attract investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, outstanding students and exceptional talents. 


Most important changes of the UAE Golden Residence Scheme in 2022


  • Successful applicants of the Golden Residence can sponsor the family members, including children without age limits and spouses. They can also sponsor domestic labourers without nimber limits. 
  • Holders of the Golden Residence can stay outside of the United Arab Emirates without restrictions. 
  • Family members can continue as Golden Residents after the death of the primary applicant. 

Further amendments to the UAE Golden Residence Scheme in 2022



The applicants need a recommendation from the Emirates Scientist Council. Also, they must have a PhD or Master's degree in technology, lifer or natural sciences or engineering. Meanwhile, research achievements count as an additional advantage.



The UAE extended the circle of potential applicants. Now highly skilled professionals in medicine, engineering, information technology, administration and business, law, and social and cultural sciences qualify for the Emirates' residence permits. Moreover, the applicants need an employment contract in the UAE and have a monthly salary of at least 30,000 AED.

Exceptional talents

This category's base is the talent and not educational qualification, job, or monthly salary. The successful candidates must prove that they own a federal or local government office recommendation. (Talent can also be a candidate from art, culture, sport, digital technology, innovation, etc.)


Real Estate Investors

Investors can become residents of the United Arab Emirates if the invested amount is not less than two million AED. Now they qualify for residency through investment program if they loan money from local banks. 



Owners of start-up SMEs (small and medium enterprises) can obtain the UAE residence permit to generate not less than one million AED annual revenue. Even the previous owner of companies (sold over 7 million AED) qualify!


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