Breaking news: Suspension of Vanuatu visa free travel?

Published at: 13/01/2022 10:43 am

Breaking news: Suspension of Vanuatu visa free travel?
European Commission proposed to partially suspend visa waiver deal with Vanuatu
A day ago the European Commission announced its proposal to partially suspend the visa-free travel possibility for Vanuatu citizens.
Laszlo Kiss, the Managing Director of Discus Holdings was interviewed on January 12 2022 about the Commission's proposal by uGlobal, one of the largest international portals of investment migration. Please find the link to the article here.
In addition to reasons indicated in the above article, it is our opinion that during the next two months 
- the appointment of international due diligence compliance agents and
- strengthening its due diligence process even more
will address the security concerns of the EU Commission, and the far-reaching suspension of visa-free travel will not materialize.
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