What is a golden visa?

Published at: 14/10/2021 01:47 pm

What is a golden visa?

Golden Visa is usually another expression for residency by investment programs. It means that wealthy applicants can become residents of a country in exchange for investment or donation, bank deposit, company registration.


The Golden Visa schemes or residency by investment programs may or not may lead to citizenship. Usually, the EU Golden visas lead to citizenship; the time frame depends on each country's national naturalisation laws. 


Which is the best golden visa?


There are 20 residency by investment programs among the 27 EU Member States, and many other is launched on different continents. According to our knowledge, the total number of such investor immigration schemes is 83 globally. However, only three programs use the Golden Visa expression, even when the official program titles are different. Portugal, Spain and Greece launched Golden Visa Programs. 

For example, the media use the Golden Visa for the Portuguese scheme. Still, the exact name of the program is "ARI - Autorização de Residência para Atividade de Investimento" (residency authorisation for investment activities).


How much does a golden visa cost?


All Golden Visa Programs have different investment or even contribution solutions. The investment options depend on the economic or political objectives of the host countries. Usually, the most popular options are always related to real estate or property purchases. 

Take a look at here to the detailed information about each Golden Visa Program so that you can choose the best option for you:

Portuguese Golden Visa

Greece Golden Visa


Can you work on Golden Visa?


It depends on the national rules. For example, you can work with the Portuguese and Spanish Golden Visas. Moreover, the local governments are offering tax benefits if you do that. The Greek Golden Visa is different; they prefer if you stay there instead of working. 


How long does a Golden Visa last?


Golden visas can offer temporary or permanent resident status. Or, the temporary status can lead to permanent status. After the naturalisation process, the investor and their family will become citizens and passport holders. Meanwhile, in Greece, the investors obtain the permanent resident status directly. And permanent means permanent. 


How do you get a golden visa?



The first step would be to get in contact with us. We help you understand all the details, rights, and requirements before you sign the contract or start investing. Our goal is to support you to reach your objectives, and there is never only one way to do that. You can schedule a free consultation with our experts here!




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