Dominica new e-passport

Published at: 27/09/2021 10:41 am

Dominica new e-passport

Dominica launched a new biometric e-passport, and Dominican citizens must acquire it until July 2023


There is no official information about how the new passport standard will change becoming a citizen of Dominica by investment. During the naturalisation process in Dominica, investors may not visit the country or one of its embassies. Practically, they can become Dominican citizens from their homes. According to our sources, nothing will change regarding this issue.


The new e-passport is a critical milestone to reduce the number of identity theft crimes significantly. Moreover, the biometric Dominican travel document will be an integral component of the national border managing systems. 


Technically, the new passport belongs to the most modern solutions worldwide and satisfies all international standards to ease the travelling of its holders. Biometric passports add new security features to the traditional travel document, with an embedded microchip holding the holder's data, including facial, fingerprint, and iris information. 


Why is the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program so attractive? 


The Caribbean island nation of Dominica offers one of the most affordable, internationally accepted and straightforward citizenship by investment programs. Moreover, the holders of a Dominican passport may enter visa-free or obtaining a visa upon arrival in 143 countries. There are no taxes on income, wealth or inheritance in Dominica. This program is one of the fastest, as becoming a citizen of Dominica takes only three months.


Dominica's secret is that it's not only an average jurisdiction to obtain documents and the freedom of travel, but more and more citizens also settle there. Good to know that Dominica's health care system is one of the best in the world.


How can you become a citizen of Dominica fast? 


Discus Holdings' experts had supported many applicants becoming Dominican citizens since 1993, when the program started. If you want to hold a Dominican passport, click here for the detailed information or schedule a consultation with our colleagues here.



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