Which is the cheapest citizenship in 2021?

Published at: 23/08/2021 11:32 am

Which is the cheapest citizenship in 2021?

Which is the cheapest citizenship by investment program in 2021? You have to place yourself in a category and read about the most affordable solution for you.


First of all, the citizenship by investment programs offer different advantages, and not all of them attract applicants with the same features. A standard part is that the best citizenship by investment programs usually provide Schengen zone access. Moreover, the EU passport schemes (except for Austria) are suspended (Cyprus) or upgraded (Malta). The freedom of travel attracts investors, but the low or no-tax financial solutions provide considerable opportunities. Security, excellent healthcare and education became important as well, as the wealthy investors started to consider some host countries as their residential jurisdiction. Before the coronavirus pandemic, in some programs, the citizens usually did not even visit their new home country. 


Another critical issue is that there are different applicant categories. In some jurisdictions, single applicants (investors) have better pricing; meanwhile, close or larger families enjoy special discounts in other countries. It is the most crucial question for a family, but we can't compare the solutions because their feature differ. The expenses regarding a typical family of four are available. However, the situations of children, siblings and grandparents are different.  


The third issue is the types of required investments in exchange for citizenship.

 Generally, the host countries of the citizenship by investment programs offer the following investment options:


  • Contribution in exchange for citizenship (the investor donates an amount)
  • Real estate or other investment (the requisite can be residential real estate purchase)
  • Other investments (it can be the purchase of shares, government bonds, bank deposits, etc.)
  • Mixed options (when the applicant must invest and donate as well).


And we can't forget the additional costs, which may be taxes, due diligence checks, legal and agency fees, among others. Usually, different family members pay extra expenses (some states accept siblings, parents and even grandparents). These are hardly comparable costs because they can differ during the immigration process. Think about translations and official authentications.  


Which is the most affordable citizenship by investment program for a single applicant in 2021?


Under the donation option, which is the most straightforward solution, we should mention Vanuatu and Dominica. These are the most affordable and, by the way, the fastest citizenship programs in 2021. 

In Vanuatu, a single applicant must contribute $130,000 in exchange for valuable citizenship and a passport. Click here for the details of this quick solution!

However, in Dominica, a contribution of $100,000 qualifies for citizenship. You can find here our guide.


Do you want to obtain new citizenship for or with your family? Do you want to invest in profitable solutions and not contribute? We suggest setting up a consultation with our experts here, and we will help you find the most affordable solution among investors' immigration schemes!



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