Best quality of life country comparison 2021 mid-year (with residency programs)

Published at: 09/08/2021 11:43 am

Best quality of life country comparison 2021 mid-year (with residency programs)

The quality of life is one of the best indices to examine the countries where you should move to live well. Let's find the best countries with immigration programs!


"Numbeo's Quality of Life Index"  (higher is better) is an estimation of overall quality of life by using a formula that shows the compares purchasing power index (higher is better), pollution index (lower is better), house price to income ratio (lower is better), cost of living index (lower is better), safety index (higher is better), health care index (higher is better), traffic commute time index (lower is better) and climate index (higher is better)."


These are the 25 countries leading the comparison with the best quality of life. Let's find if they have investors' immigration programs to settle there and enjoy this issue of crucial importance. 

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is the country with the best quality of life again. Our colleagues at Discus Holdings Ltd have almost 25 years of experience in the Alpine cantons. It worth remembering, Switzerland was the first country that launched residency by investment solutions in the world. Click here for the most advantageous Swiss immigration scheme through company registration or tax agreement!

2. Denmark

3. the Netherlands

You can become a resident of the Netherlands if you invest 1,250,000 euros.

4. Finland

5. Australia

Australia has several outstanding immigration programs with dozens of options. However, in 2021, Australia is closed for immigrants and even tourists due to coronavirus pandemics. 

6. Iceland

7. Austria

Austria has a citizenship by investment program. However, it is a complex solution.

8. Germany

9. New Zealand

New Zealand belongs to the same category as Australia. Excellent immigration schemes for the applicants but closed because of the coronavirus. 

10. Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers residency for wealthy applicants, who invest at least 500,000 euros in the country 

11. Norway

12. Estonia

Applicants can become residents in Estonia in exchange for an investment of 65,000 euros (16,000 for self-employed) 

13. Sweden

14. Oman

Oman launched its residency by investment scheme in June 2021!

15. Slovenia

16. Japan

Japan has a "Business Manager Visa" but allows the holder only to stay 1-3 years. 

17. United States

The United States of America offers various immigration solutions for investors or entrepreneurs. Check here for your options! 

18. Spain

Spain's Golden Visa program allows you to live in the EU Member State if you purchase real estate for at least 500,000 euros. 

19. Lithuania

The Baltic country offers residency solutions for investors in qualifying industries.

20. Portugal

Portugal is the home country of the most famous European residency by investment program, the Portuguese Golden Visa. If you are planning to become a Portuguese resident, later citizen, then do your step fast. By 2022, the program requirements will change significantly. You can read here all the necessary details about the Portugal scheme.

21. Czech Republic

22. Canada

Canada's different territories are continuously changing their investors' immigration programs to adapt to their necessities. 

23. United Kingdom

The UK attracts wealthy foreign investors with the Tier 1 Investor Visa. Click here to know more about this straightforward solution! 

24. United Arab Emirates

The UAE became one of the essential residency by investment centres of the world. Discus Holdings Ltd's local representation is waiting for your questions.

25. Croatia



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