Grenada citizenship, a tropical location to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle

Published at: 06/07/2021 11:31 am

Grenada citizenship, a tropical location to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle

Grenada offers not only an affordable citizenship solution but low taxes, stability and all the pleasures of the Caribbean lifestyle. To remind you, Grenada is an island nation (the three main islands are Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique) in the Western Caribbean Sea, northwest of Trinidad and Tobago. Its official language is English, and the population is a little bit more than 111,000 people. Moreover, the GDP per capita was $16,604 in 2019.


How do I become a citizen of Grenada?


Grenada attracts wealthy investors through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program. You can become a citizen of Grenada by contributing $150,000 to the state or investing $220,000 in real estate. 

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Can you buy citizenship in Grenada?


You can contribute to the state or purchase real estate in exchange for Grenada citizenship. 


How long does it take to get Grenada citizenship?


The successful applications from the first step until receiving the passports of Grenada usually take three months only. 


Can Grenada citizen work in the USA?


Citizens of Grenada can obtain the E2 category visa of the United States. The US E2 Treaty Investor Visa allows the investor to live and work in the United States to direct and develop the business. It enables the entry of Executive, Management and Essential skills employees. So, Grenada citizens do not have the natural right to work in the US. However, Grenada's valuable contacts with the US guarantee that you can start an affordable business and employ your essential colleagues. 


What are the advantages of becoming a citizen of Grenada? 


First of all, one word can describe the sensation of living or stay in Grenada: it's sweet. The Island nation is beautiful; the people are friendly. It is essential to mention that Grenada is the home of St George's University. It is one of the country's most significant employers. The "Spice Island" is always full of international students learning to obtain their degrees in "medicine, veterinary medicine, public health, the health sciences, nursing, arts and sciences, and business." 

  • Holders of the Grenada passport can enter visa-free to 142 countries, including the Eu Schengen zone, UK, Ireland, Russia, most Commonwealth countries and even China. 
  • There are no income, wealth, or inheritance taxes on Grenada. 
  • You don't have to reside in Grenada to become a citizen. Still, we strongly suggest it, because Grenada is a charming place to live and it is worth knowing and understanding your home country's culture. 
  • Grenada's citizenship by investment program is the most viable scheme for large families because you can include your siblings in your application. 
  • Grenada is almost coronavirus-free



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