Why should you consider moving to Switzerland in 2021?

Published at: 28/05/2021 10:56 am

Why should you consider moving to Switzerland in 2021?

Switzerland is the most stable, secure location for investors in Europe. Meanwhile, the quality of living in Switzerland is one of the highest, if not the highest, globally.


Is Switzerland a good country to move to? 


Life is not cheap in Switzerland; however, the low taxes and the straightforward, red tape-free business opportunities guarantee that the cost of living is affordable.


Investing in and from Switzerland is ridiculously easy. The Alpine country is proud of its financial centre and attracted business people worldwide during the last three hundred years!


The exotic era of anonymous bank accounts finished more than a decade ago. Switzerland now offers the most modern financial tools to keep its leading position for the wealthy in Europe. Switzerland always protected the wealth of the banking clients, the resident and the citizens. During any political or economic crises, Switzerland is the haven where your money and family are safe. Don't forget that the Swiss francs and securities rapidly increase their value; these are secure solutions in dangerous times. 


Is Switzerland a family-friendly country? 


There are only three rules to examine to decide if a country is suitable for your family:

  • Security
  • Health care
  • Education.

According to these three indicators, Switzerland is one of the best places to raise a family or let your children continue their studies in a 100% safe environment. 


Is Switzerland really clean?


According to the (2020) Environmental Performance Index, Switzerland owns the third rank from 180 countries. Of course, it does not only includes the fact that you can't find litter on the Swiss streets. The result is merely associated with the wealth of the nation. Switzerland has enough money to invest in environmental health (as sanitation and clean drinking water, reduction of air pollution, response to public health crisis). As a consequence, human well-being is guaranteed in the country. Switzerland does not need to sacrifice sustainability in exchange for economic advantages. 


Can you easily integrate in Switzerland?


Switzerland is in third place in the OECD regarding the share of immigrants in the population, 26% of the Swiss residents born in other countries. Good to know that nobody cares in Switzerland about your skin colour or religion, or original nationality. Until you respect the ordinary rules of the community, you remain an esteemed member of society.


How can I move to Switzerland?


Switzerland was the first country to provide residency solutions through programmes for investors and wealthy people. 

Moreover, Discus Holdings Ltd has experience of more than 25 years in Switzerland as the Alpine nation is considered one of the best jurisdictions not only for tax planning and investment projects but also for living there.


The two main options to obtain the right to live in Switzerland are:

  • By registering a company (for businesspeople who register and manage their activities from there)
  • By tax agreement.

Tax agreement sounds exotic for those applicants who arrive from tax hells or even from those countries where taxation is not a big issue. In Switzerland, you agree with the tax authorities of the cantons. In this case, your business can be anywhere in the world. 


You can read here all the relevant details of the Swiss residency by investment schemes or directly contact us for a consultation here!



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