Why invest in Montenegro's Montis Mountain Resort for citizenship?

Published at: 30/04/2021 12:24 pm

Why invest in Montenegro's Montis Mountain Resort for citizenship?

You have only a limited time to apply for the citizenship of Montenegro through investment! We show you the best investment option to get your Montenegro citizenship!


The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program will close at the end of 2021. As it is the most affordable passport scheme, which can get you an EU citizenship soon, it's time to hurry up. Montenegro plans to join the European Union and become an EU Member State during the subsequent years. It is your chance to become a European citizen in exchange for investment through one of the fastest naturalisation processes. 


The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program offers only two options for investors. All applicants must contribute €100,000 to the state. And there are two available options to invest in qualifying property development projects in the tourism sector. 


The required amount of investment is 450,000 in the southern, Adriatic shore of the country and the capital, Podgorica.


Meanwhile, the other option is to invest only 250,000 in the northern part of the country. 


Why should you invest in the northern part of Montenegro for the passports?


Because this tiny country has more to attract tourists than its charming Adriatic seaside, the hilly northern region is a very well-known ski and other winter sports centre. And in Europe, ski resorts are always suitable investments. It's important to note that winter sports attract a slightly wealthier audience than the typical summer crowd on the beaches. 


Which location would you choose to invest in exchange for citizenship in northern Montenegro?


Our suggestion is to examine the Montis Mountain Resort. First of all, let's take a closer look at the project. The Montis Mountain Resort, a five-star hotel, offers 238 luxury guest suites and sport/recreation facilities, an all-day restaurant, cinema, pub, wellness & spa, indoor-outdoor swimming pool, kids club, ski room, conference rooms, and underground parking facilities.


Why invest in the Montis Mountain Resort for the Montenegro passport?


The advantages of the investment in exchange for the Montenegrin passports are clear. Because the Montis Mountain Resort investors are entitled to forty per cent of the profit per hotel suite. Additionally, all investors can stay four weeks per year for free in the Montis Mountain Resort.


Montenegro offers serious tax incentives for foreign and also naturalised investors. The tax on onshore (Montenegro sourced) personal income, company profits, capital gains and withholding tax is only nine per cent. 


The Montis Mountain Resort is in Kolašin, a city in northern Montenegro. It's a traditional mountain tourism centre as Žabljak. Still, Kolašin has excellent road and train connection an easily accessible location from the neighbouring countries, the capital and the seaside. Kolasin is located at 954 meters of altitude and offers excellent vacation experiences in winter and summer. Because of the location and favourable climate, Kolasin is considered an open-air spa, according to the official site of the Montenegrin tourism authority. A unique attraction for tourists represents Lake Biograd, located in the National park Biogradska Gora, one of the only three preserved virgin forest of Europe. Lake Biograd is at 1094m of altitude, and there are walking paths around it.


Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the only three official agents of the Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment Program!


If you would like to take this chance and become a European before the program ends, ask for a free consultation here and read our detailed guide here!



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