Apply for Montenegro Citizenship by investment now before the program ends!

Published at: 31/03/2021 12:19 pm

Apply for Montenegro Citizenship by investment now before the program ends!

Montenegro offers the most affordable European citizenship by investment scheme. According to the government's statement, the passport program will close the program by the end of 2021.


The government's decision followed the European Union's "reservations". As the country plans to join the EU soon, the Montenegrin government accepted that the EU does not approve the citizenship by investment program, according to Bloomberg

In 2020, Cyprus suspended its citizenship program for investors, and Malta had to upgrade its program with new requirements. It means that Montenegro offers in 2021 the fastest and most affordable European citizenship in exchange for investment. 


If you want an EU passport soon, it's time to apply for Montenegro citizenship!


The beautiful, attractive and charming country of Montenegro launched its passport scheme in 2018. Don't forget, there are only three official agents of Montenegro citizenship by investment scheme, and Discus Holdings Ltd is one of these immigration service providers.


Investment options for Montenegrin citizenship in 2021:


The scheme contains two options; the investors can either:

  • invest €250,000 in qualifying tourism-related real estate projects in the northern part of the country
  • or, you can invest €450,000 into government-approved real estate developments in the southern part (seaside) of Montenegro and the capital (Podgorica)

Under both options, the investors must pay €100,000 contribution to the state as well.


What are the advantages of the Montenegro citizenship program in 2021?


  • The entire family can become a Montenegro citizen under one investment: the investor, spouse, and financially dependent children can obtain the passports without age restrictions.
  • Visa-free travel in the Schengen zone, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Russia, Turkey, etc.
  • There are no physical residency requirements, and you don't have to learn the local language. Dual (and multiple) citizenship is allowed. 

Foreign sourced income is tax-exempt. 


Do you want to become a citizen of Montenegro and the EU very soon? Then let's apply for the Montenegrin scheme; the entire process takes only three months!


Get in touch with Discus Holdings now to secure your European citizenship before the program ends! Click here to read all the detailed information about the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program or set up a consultation!



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