A practical guide to travelling during the coronavirus with two citizenships and passports

Published at: 11/11/2020 09:00 am

A practical guide to travelling during the coronavirus with two citizenships and passports

Let's talk about freedom of travel during the coronavirus! Why and how can you travel freely during the Covid-19 virus? Where can you travel if you have two passports instead of only one? 


The limits and jurisdictions of the differently structured travel bans change continuously during 2020. Countries close and open their borders to fight the pandemics but let the national economies breath. It looks like that the freedom of travel became even more critical. Traditionally, businesspeople from developing countries chose to invest in a new passport because it not only guarantees a safe future for the family, but it allows them to travel freely. It was one of the most fundamental reasons for investor citizens from Africa and Asia. 


How can you enter in Europe with a second passport?

If you own the citizenship of an EU country, then problem solved. Citizens of the European Union can always cross the Schengen borders. However, there are now standard Covid-19 travel rules for the European countries, which regulate the moving of people inside the EU. 


Can a Montenegro passport help you to enter the EU?

It may seem strange, but yes, because the travel routes to Montenegro from third countries goes through the European Union. Moreover, the holders of a Montenegrin passport have visa-free entrance to the European Union.


How can the passports of Vanuatu or the Caribbean countries help you to travel? 

If your home country's passport does not let you travel then a second passport in your hand helps you to leave and move around. 


A practical guide to travel with two passports during the coronavirus

You are a citizen of India/Pakistan/Nigeria/Bangladesh, etc. You own the citizenship/passport of Vanuatu or Dominica. You have the right to travel in your home country, it can be a two-way trip, as you have two home countries. You can plan your journey through the available locations. How can you go from India to Dominica? Through Europe. Your Dominican citizenship means Schengen access. So, with a valid Covid test and your passport in your hand, you can enter Europe, if the EU allows foreigners to enter. 


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