Why so many South Africans immigrate to Portugal?

Published at: 02/11/2020 11:00 am

Why so many South Africans immigrate to Portugal?

The Portuguese Golden Visa allows citizens of South Africa to get residency, citizenship, work permit and tax advantages in exchange for a small investment in real estate.


First of all: the Portugues Golden Visa - ARI program will change from 2021! Only real estates outside of the major cities and the litorals will qualify for the program. Suppose you want to invest in a property in Lisbon, Porto or Algarve. In that case, it's time to make your decision and ask here a free consultation about the residency by investment program of Portugal!


Portugal Golden Visa real estate investment fees

Let's talk about the money you must spend to purchase real estate in Portugal! Here are the four residential real estate investment options of the Portugal Golden Visa Program:


280,000 EUR: real estates built more than 30 years ago and are outside of the major cities.

300,000 EUR: real estates built more than 30 years ago

400,000 EUR: real estates outside of the major cities

500,000 EUR: purchase of a real estate


How can South Africans become Portuguese citizens through the Golden Visa Program?

You purchase the real estate; we help you to obtain the residence permit. In the first year you have to stay seven days in the country, in the second and the third 14, in the fourth and the fifth years 14 days and become a permanent resident. In the sixth year, you can become a citizen of Portugal. 


What are the advantages of the Portugal Golden Visa Program for South Africans?

  • Through one investment, your spouse and children under 18, and the dependent adult children enrolled in higher education can become Portuguese residents as well.
  • To maintain your resident status and later become a citizen is enough to spend seven days in Portugal. 
  • After five years of resident status, you can become a permanent resident and obtain citizenship.
  • Under the Non-Habitual Resident Tax System, your foreign-sourced income may stay tax-exempt for ten years. 


Do you want to become a Portuguese resident through investment from South Africa?

Discus Holdings Ltd's representation in South Africa is waiting for an email or call to set up a consultation and share all the details of the process with you! Contact us here!



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