What is second or multiple citizenship?

Published at: 08/09/2020 11:00 am

What is second or multiple citizenship?

You can have two citizenships or more. It is a neither strange, illegal, nor new issue that an individual has second or even multiple nationalities. But how can you have a second citizenship and passport?


There are some countries where dual citizenship is prohibited


Where is not allowed to have dual or multiple citizenships?


The following countries do not let all that the citizens hold the passports of other countries: Afghanistan, Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, China, Djibouti, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Nepal, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Tanzania, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela. 


Moreover, there are jurisdictions, which allow their citizens to become (or hold) the citizenship of only a handful of other countries. For example, Paraguay grants the right for its citizens to hold the passports of only Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Columbia. 


How can you use the second citizenship?


Dual or multiple citizenships are handy tools to:


  • get the freedom of travel and living in different countries
  • lower taxes through transparent and legal solutions
  • save your life and your loved ones in crises


How can you get a second or multiple citizenships?


There are several ways to become a naturalised person in another country. If one of your parents is a citizen of another country, then usually you can get both passports. However, the most common way is to become a resident of a country through freedom of movement, employment, study, entrepreneurship, investment, military service or as a refugee. After becoming a resident, it is usually a straightforward process to become a permanent resident and later a citizen. 


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