EU permanent residency by investment programs

Published at: 04/09/2020 12:00 pm

EU permanent residency by investment programs

Among the EU Member States, only the residency by investment programs of Cyprus, Greece and Malta offer directly permanent resident status in exchange for investment. However, the other schemes of several countries of the European Union may lead to permanent residency, later citizenship and passport. 


Let's take a closer look at the three programs for investors in exchange for an EU permanent resident permit. 


Cyprus permanent residency by investment programme 



  • Purchase of real estate - 300,000 euros
  • Proof of solvency - annual 30,000 euros income from outside of Cyprus
  • Deposit of 30,000 euros in a local bank for three years

(Click here for detailed information about the Cyprus permanent residency by investment program, we are present on the Mediterranean paradise island nation for decades.) 


Greek Golden Visa - Greece Permanent Residency by Investment Program



  • Among the several options, the most popular solution is to purchase residential real estate for at least 250,000 euros. 

( is one of the leading news sources of the Greek Golden Visa, according to Google, click here for the detailed guide on how to become a Greek permanent resident)


Indefinite residence in Malta through investment in government bonds



  • Investment in highly reliable government bonds 250,000 euros (for a minimum of five years)
  • Contribution - 30,000 euros
  • Real estate purchase or rent

(Discus Holdings Ltd's' headquarters is in the capital of Malta; we are official agents of the citizenship and several residency by investment programs )


Greece and Malta are member states of the Schengen Area as well, and Cyprus will join very soon. 


There are other excellent residency by investment programs in the European Union, where the residents can obtain the permanent status and later obtain the citizenship and the passports.


Belgium, Portugal and Spain launched the most-known schemes for High Net Worth Individuals from third countries. These programs allow investors to change their temporary status to permanent residency to qualify for citizenship.


Do you want to become the holder of an EU permanent residence permit? Contact us for a consultation! 



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