Dominica second passport with excellent healthcare

Published at: 31/08/2020 12:00 pm

Dominica second passport with excellent healthcare

Only a handful of people recognised that Dominica, the Caribbean island nation has something crucial to offer with its citizenship: world-class health care. Yes, Dominica's hospitals are among the best medical insitutions in the world.


Dominica launched its Citizenship by Investment program in 1993, and since then, this country offers one of the most affordable second citizenship solution. Moreover, the applicants even can become nationals without visiting the island nation by receiving the passport through courier. 


Until now, the primary role of the Caribbean passports was to grant the freedom of travel for their investor holders. Usually, they do not even visit the country of their second citizenship. But, the coronavirus and the following economic, health and political turmoils changed the situation. The paradise islands with the white sandy beaches became safe havens, where the High Net Worth Individuals and their family can move, live and work. However, the quality of life is not always the same as in the mainland countries. For example, comprehensive health care is a challenge, where the population is too low to allow them to have all kind of specialised medics.  


Interestingly Dominica, with its 78,000 resident citizens resolved to provide excellent healthcare services. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dominica's healthcare system ranks 35. among the 191 countries. Dominica is followed on the list by the US, New Zeeland and Slovenia.


There are three rules for families to choose a living place:

  • security
  • a good education for the children
  • excellent healthcare system

Dominica proudly became one of those rare tiny island-nations, where you can also live and has an attractive travel document to offer. The travel document of the Commonwealth of Dominica allows you to enter visa-free in 139 countries.  


How can you become a Dominican citizen through investment? 

It is vital to notice that this "CIP" or "CBI" is considered as one of the most affordable dual citizenship solutions in the world. 


There are two investment options:

  1. You can contribute to the state of 100,000 USD
  2. You can purchase a real estate for a minimum of 200,000 USD.


Do you want to obtain the passport of Dominica, enjoy the freedom of travel or stay there? Click here for all the detailed information!



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