Where can you invest in exchange for a passport with the best quality of life?

Published at: 10/08/2020 12:00 pm
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Where can you invest in exchange for a passport with the best quality of life?

Which country guarantees the best quality of life where you can invest in exchange for citizenship? Where should you apply for the naturalisation to find a happy nation with affordable cost and excellent quality of living?


Before the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, most of the High Net Worth Individual applicants preferred to have a util passport, which enables the freedom of travel and paying low or no taxes. Besides, they did not want to live in the jurisdiction of their second citizenship. Recently, this trend changed; it became essential to have a guaranteed place in a safe haven, which ensures the secure future of the family. Let's take a look at the available statistics to be able to compare the countries with citizenship by investment programs!


Which is the happiest nation with a citizenship by investment program?

According to the United Nations' World Happiness Report, the happiest nation in the world is Finnland, but they did not introduce a CIP scheme. The report ranks the countries rating on the response from each country to questions about their life.

  • Malta: 22.
  • Cyprus: 49.
  • Turkey: 79.
  • Jordan: 101.
  • Cambodia: 109.
  • Egypt 137.

(This ranking does not contain the Caribbean island nations and Vanuatu)

Which country with a citizenship by investment program offers the best quality of life? 


The comparison from worlddata.info calculated their index from 30 factors

  • Malta: 4.
  • Cyprus: 14.
  • Vanuatu: 65.
  • Jordan: 79.
  • Turkey: 116.
  • Cambodia: 111.
  • Egypt: 136. 

(Again, the Caribbean island nations are not included in the list)

Which nation with citizenship by investment program developed the best health care system?

Comparing the overall efficiency of the health care systems, according to the WHO


  • Malta: 5.
  • Cyprus: 24.
  • Dominica: 35.
  • Egypt: 63.
  • Saint Lucia: 68
  • Turkey: 70.
  • Jordan: 83.
  • Grenada: 85.
  • Antigua and Barbuda: 86.
  • St Kitts and Nevis: 100.
  • Vanuatu: 127.
  • Cambodia: 174. 

The cost of living of the countries with citizenship by investment programs

We extracted the data from numbeo.com. In this case, the lower-ranking means more expensive costs.

  • Malta: 26.
  • Cyprus: 36.
  • Jordan: 46
  • Cambodia: 59
  • Turkey: 102
  • Egypt: 121

These rankings may show you some exciting details, which help you to choose a new safe haven, if not only the cost is essential for you. For example, who would think that Dominica's health care system is better than most of the developed countries? Another issue is that the Caribbean paradise island nations are so small that these sovereign nations with a proud history do not fit in the statistics. It means that you need expert help to be able to obtain useful information to decide about the future home of your family.


We are here to help you as we have more than twenty years of experience with even the smallest countries with citizenship or residency by investment programs. Click here to set up a free consultation with our colleagues! 


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