Best safe haven tropical islands during epidemics with citizenship programs

Published at: 03/05/2020 12:00 pm

Best safe haven tropical islands during epidemics with citizenship programs

Which is the safest tropical island during the coronavirus with a citizenship by investment program? The virus situation is slowly passing by; there is time to rethink you plans to obtain the right to live in a safe place with a passport, where your and your family's future is secure. 


Not only the wealthy people wish to move in a safe place during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. This unpleasant issue changed the point of view of many HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) Until a couple of months ago, the applicants were looking for citizenship solutions to get the freedom of travel. Since the beginning of 2020, the same programs provide not only personal and financial independence. Also, those tropical paradise islands recently became the safe havens for affluent people. 


Vanuatu is the best example, as the coronavirus could not enter the island nation located on the South Pacific Ocean. 


How the tropical jurisdictions with citizenship by investment programs managed the Covid-19 threat until the end of April 2020? 

(the first number shows the number of coronavirus cases, the second the number of deaths)


Antigua and Barbuda 24-3

Dominica 16-0

Anguilla 3-0 (Anguilla has an attractive RBI not CBI)

Grenada 20-0

Saint Kitts and Nevis 15-0

Saint Lucia 17-0

Vanuatu 0-0


Source: Worldometer


All of the small and beautiful island nations with citizenship by investment programs did well in the campaign against the coronavirus. The reason is not only because these are relatively small islands. The truth is that you can find outstanding hospitals also in the Caribbean region, and you can gain access in exchange for paying affordable health care plans. 


As security is gaining more and more value for the affluent, it is time to think about the island also as a place of living and working not only the country, which issued your passport and guaranteed your freedom of travel and the low-taxation for your business. 


Discus Holding is an official agent in most of the jurisdictions with citizenship by investment programs. Ask for a free consultation so that you can get the necessary information about the predictable future. 




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