Where can Nigerians travel without entry-visas?

Published at: 27/01/2020 12:44 pm

Where can Nigerians travel without entry-visas?

Naija people find travelling a more than an only challenging task. As the passport of Nigeria is the 82nd on the passport index, it allows to enter only 51 countries either without a visa or picking up one upon arrival at the airport. As a Nigerian, your passport's ranking is low; it's the same level of Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Eritrea. Let's take a closer look where can you travel and how can you reach other countries. 

How can you travel visa-free wherever you want to? 

Discus Holdings' local office in Lagos can help you to reach any country through investing in a new, second passport or to obtain a residency permit, which allows you to live or travel in other countries. For example, the residence permit of any member state of the Schengen zone will enable you to live in Europe and stay in the other EU countries. You can obtain citizenships and passports through official and transparent citizenship by investment programs, where we have a proven 100% success rate. With a new passport in your hand, you can forget the queues in front of the collection centres, and you can buy your ticket to any destination and travel on the very same day. Contact our office in Lagos for more information!

Developed countries put barriers in the front of Nigerian travellers and businesspeople who wish to visit Europe or North America. But there are some beautiful travel destinations which are welcoming Nigerians. Interestingly, for example, the most beautiful Caribbean island nations allow you to enjoy the luxury lifestyle there. 

Which countries are visa-free with Nigerian passport? 

- Antigua and Barbuda (electronic entry visa)
- Barbados (visa-free)
- Benin (visa-free)
- Burkina Faso (visa-free)
- Cameroon (visa-free)
- Cape Verde (visa-free)
- Chad (visa-free)
- Comoros (visa on arrival)
- Cote d'Ivore (visa-free)
- Djibouti (e-visa)
- Dominica (visa-free)
- Ethiphia (e-visa, visa on arrival)
- Fiji (visa-free)
- Gabon (e-visa)
- Gambia (visa-free)
- Ghana (visa-free)
- Guinea (visa-free)
- Guinea-Bissau (visa-free)
- Haiti (visa-free)
- Iran (e-visa, visa on arrival)
- Kenya (e-visa, visa on arrival)
- Kyrgyzstan (e-visa)
- Lesotho (e-visa)
- Liberia (visa-free)
- Madagascar (e-visa, visa on arrival)
- Maldives (visa on arrival)
- Mali (visa-free)
- Mauritania (visa on arrival)
- Mauritius (visa on arrival)
- Micronesia (visa-free)
- Mozambique (visa on arrival)
- Namibia (visa on arrival)
- Niger (visa-free)
- Pakistan (online visa)
- Palau (visa-free)
- Qatar (e-visa)
- Rwanda (e-visa, visa on arrival)
- Saint Kitts and Nevis (visa-free)
- Samoa (visa on arrival)
- Sao Tome and Príncipe (e-visa)
- Senegal (visa-free)
- Seychelles (visa on arrival)
- Sierra Leone (visa-free)
- Somalia (visa on arrival)
- Suriname (e-visa)
- Timor Leste (visa on arrival)
- Togo (visa-free)
- Tuvalu (visa on arrival)
- Uganda (e-visa, visa on arrival)
- Vanuatu (visa-free)
- Zambia (e-visa)
- Zimbabwe (e-visa)



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