Top 3 European passport schemes

Published at: 20/01/2020 10:51 am

Top 3 European passport schemes

Let's compare the European passport and citizenship by investment programs of Cyprus, Malta and Montenegro.

There are only three passport schemes in Europe now, but Greece plans to introduce the fourth citizenship by investment program in the near future. Cyprus and Malta, as the Member States of the European Union, attract investors with higher amounts of necessary investments. Meanwhile, Montenegro will join fast the EU, but the required cost in exchange for the passport is still significantly lower. 

Discus Holdings is an official agent of the Maltese Individual Investor and the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programs. There are only three official agents in Montenegro; you can ask here the detailed information from the source!  

Which is the most affordable European citizenship?

Montenegro owns the cheapest citizenship or passport program in Europe. The most affordable option is a real estate investment of €250,000 and there is an obligatory donation for the primary applicants of €100,000. In Cyprus, the minimum required funds to spend is two million euros.

In Malta, the necessary contribution to the National Development Fund is €650,000. Meanwhile, the additional investment in stocks or bonds is €150,000. Applicants may purchase residential real estates for at least €350,000, but it is enough to rent a property for an annual €16,000. 

Which is the fastest European passport through investment?

Montenegro provides the fastest route to get a European passport; the process takes approximately three months only! In Malta, the applicants must pass one year as residents before finishing the naturalisation process. Cyprus is faster than the other states; the candidates can receive their Cypriot passports in six months.  

Which European country with a citizenship program offers the best taxes?

Cyprus, Malta and Montenegro are all well known European low-tax jurisdictions. Malta and Montenegro attract international businesspeople with their territorial tax systems. It means that the citizens pay tax only on their local income. However, they don't have to live or reside in the country of their second citizenship. In this case, they don't have to pay income tax at all. 

Which European passport through investment is the best for travelling?

Montenegro still can't provide the same travel benefits as the EU Member States. However, Cyprus is not a member of the Schengen zone, so Malta's passport is the best to visit other countries. You may enter in 168 countries including the USA as a Maltese citizen visa-free or by picking up a visa upon arrival. 


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