How to get Switzerland residency?

Published at: 09/12/2019 03:03 pm

How to get Switzerland residency?

You can get a Swiss residency through company forming or under a tax agreement. Details, practical steps and costs of the Switzerland residency!

Advantages of obtaining the residence permit in Switzerland

- The temporary residence permit of Switzerland allows you to live in Switzerland and visit the countries of the Schengen zone. 
- At the same time, with the primary applicant, the family members (spouse and underage children) can obtain the residence permits.

Living in Switzerland is secure, pleasant and luxurious. The holders of the Swiss residency permits can become permanent residents and later citizens of Switzerland.

How to get Switzerland residency through company registering or by tax agreement?

- Registering a Swiss company
- It can be a joint-stock company.
- The project must be innovative and must include an investment between typically one to six million Swiss francs.
- You must create jobs in Switzerland.
- The applicant must take the position of the director as an employed person in the firm. It means that the hired person must pay social security fees and taxes.

Tax agreement or lump-sum residency

- The applicant must conclude a tax agreement with the tax office of one canton in Switzerland.
- The resident cannot do business in Switzerland.
- The annual amount of tax is fixed (lump-sum), and it is connected with the resident's planned cost of living in Switzerland.
- The minimum tax base for federal income tax is 400,000 CHF, and the cantonal tax depends on each canton's own tax rules. 
- It takes five months to become a resident in Switzerland.  

For both options, the applicant will need the following documents:

- Passport
- Color passport photos
- Resume
- Health Insurance
- Legal address
- A business plan
- Copy of the labor contract
- Clean criminal record

Under the tax agreement option, the applicant also must submit a statement that he or she will not do business in the country. 

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