How to get Thailand residency?

Published at: 25/11/2019 09:19 am

How to get Thailand residency?

Thailand is one of the most attracting Southeast Asian locations to live, work remotely or retire. The "Thailand Elite" is a long-term visa for a period of five to twenty years.

Advantages of the long-term Thailand Elite visa

- The residence permit allows the holders to live in Thailand; the number of entries is unlimited. Moreover, there is no requirement for the time to spend in Thailand. 
- The Thailand Elite visa is obtainable for the family members as well (including spouse, children and parents). 
- The maximum time frame of the Thailand Elite visa is 20 years. 
- The foreign income of the Thailand Elite residence visa holders is tax-exempt.

Thailand residency visa options (costs, requirements and benefits)

Thailand Elite Ultimate Privilege

(long term residence permit for 20 years)
- Only for applicants above the age of 20
- The applicant must pay a one-term joining fee of 60,000 USD and an annual membership fee of 600 USD.
- The applicant enjoys the services of a personal assistant during the immigration process. Access to VIP areas in the airport and an unlimited number of airport transfers are also available. The additional "government concierge services" guarantees the support not only during the immigration but to obtain the driver's license and the work permit as well. 
- Twenty-four visits annually in a five-star golf club and spa and one medical check.

Thailand Elite Privilege Access

(family package, long-term residency for ten years)
- The joining fee is 30,000 USD for the primary applicant and 22,500 USD for each family member; there is no annual membership fee.
- Personal assistant services and government concierge service: airport transfers included and an annual medical check. The government also assists in the immigration process and receiving the work permit and the driver's license. 
- The membership of the Thailand "Elite Privilege Access" is not transferable. 

Thailand Elite Easy Access

(five years residence permit for business people and expats)
- The one-time joining fee is 15,000 USD, and there is no annual membership fee.
- This long-term residence permit is not transferable, but you can upgrade your status to the "Elite Ultimate Privilege" after paying 45,000 USD. 

Practical steps and conditions of the Thai Elite Residence visas

- The process of obtaining the residency takes no more than one month. The visa itself is a stamp in your passport and can get it at the airports. 
- The official governmental responsible body for the programme is the "Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited" (TPC). They issue the long-term residency permits two weeks after the confirmation of the payments. The TPC must be informed about the application before arriving in Thailand.
- The issuance of work permit is not automatic under the Thai Elite Visa program.
- The program does not allow the residents to become permanent residents or citizens. 

Taxation of the residents under the Thailand Elite visa program

Holders of the visas are tax-exempt on their foreign-sourced income if they don't stay more than 183 days in Thailand annually (they don't become tax residents). However, tax residents pay tax on their local and foreign-sourced income as well; the progressive rates are up to 35%. The VAT rate is 7%.

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