How to get a residence visa in France

Published at: 21/10/2019 11:05 am

How to get a residence visa in France

To get a residency permit in France is a desire for a lot of people and not only from the Francophone countries. The temporary residence permit for affluent applicants is available for you.

Advantages of the resident status in France

- The French law sets the process; it is the most straightforward way to become a resident of the EU Member State.
- The applicants only have to show that they have enough funds (financially self-sufficient) to get the right to live in France. 
- You can get your French residence permit from home through the local French Embassy, without visiting Europe.
- You don't have to invest, start a business or work to be able to live and stay in France.
- It is simple to extend your stay If you prove that you still fulfil the requirements for the French residency and reside in France more than 183 days annually. 
- Don't forget as a French resident, you can freely move in the EU Schengen zone, and your children are entitled to European education.   

How to get a French residency and later French citizenship?

Citizens of third countries (not EU nationals) can get the resident status of France through the residency program for affluent individuals (Art R-313-6, Code de l'entrée et du séjour des étrangers et du droit d'asile). The qualifying applicants must have a local, French address. They must also prove the self-sufficient status and that they don't require state support. The most straightforward way to qualify is to open a bank account in France to deposit the funds and regularly receive income from abroad. Clean criminal past is also vital and of course, the submission of the necessary documents. 

The successful applicants and their family members receive the temporary French residence permit for an initial one year period. Then they can extend it or renew, and within five years they can apply for French citizenship.  

Do you want a French residence permit? Click here for the detailed and step-by-step process guide, or you can set up a consultation here!


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