Dual citizenship in the Netherlands from 2019

Published at: 12/10/2018 10:56 am

Dual citizenship in the Netherlands from 2019 The Netherlands is one of those rare countries, where dual citizenship is not allowed. Now, the Dutch government is reviewing the nationality law to recognize it's citizens to obtain dual citizenship and let the immigrants keep their original nationality status as well. Now, naturalized citizens of the Netherlands must renounce their nationality to be able to become Dutch, the only chance to keep their passport is when they obtained the European passport by marrying a Dutch citizen. According to Justice Minister Mark Harbers, they plan to widen the criteria for dual citizenship. For the children of Dutch citizens, who are living abroad may become nationals in other countries and they don't have to take a mutually exclusive choice. First-generation migrants may hold their original passports; it will positively affect for example the 87,000 UK nationals (first and second generation), who are living in the EU Member State. Meanwhile, more than 100,000 Dutch nationals are living in the UK, and now because of Brexit, they may lose their access to the EU citizenship immediately after the Brexit date: March 2019. According to the NewEurope portal, the government intends to complete the nationality law's reform during the Brexit transition period until December 2020. The Netherlands launched its residency by investment program in 2013. Applicants may invest 1,250000 euros in a Dutch company or fund, qualified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, investment in real estate or other property is not eligible for the programme. Another option is to deposit the same amount in a bank in the Netherlands, which can be any bank from the EU, with the presence in the country. Job creation is a valid solution as well, and the new residents must create at least ten jobs in five years. Moreover, significant contribution to the Dutch economy, which can be patent, technological sector, knowledge and other non-financial projects can help as well to obtain the residence status in the Netherlands.


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